September Favorites!


Let’s just begin, shall we?


1. The first favorite is a random purchase I did while in line to pay for a pedicure I had at Dashing Diva, those little salons inside Beauty Bar branches: the Eva NYC Mane Tamer Leave In Cream. What caught my eye: the packaging, most definitely.  Also, that it is cruelty-free! I got it blindly, without reading any reviews, and it turns out it’s pretty amazing.  I rarely include hair products as favorites, and so I feel like this says a lot about this one.  It contains keravis protein and argain oil and is supposed to “tame and moisturize unruly hair without weighing it down” which I think pretty much summarizes what I love about it. I got this small bottle just to try it out but I think I’m getting a bigger one next time. I was also eyeing their Hungry Hair Oil treatment, which I should probably get my hands on next time, too. Also, I just want to point out, that they had the cutest Styling Irons (and the packaging was lovely too), if in case you were looking/needing one.

2. I’ve also gotten a lot of use out of the 3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon in #Oh, My Pink, a beautiful neutral pink–it’s the easiest thing to swipe on, in a shade that will suit most people.  It doesn’t last long though, but then again I just mentioned how easy it is to swipe on.

3. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about how my skin is glowing now, about how pregnancy suits me.  But I realize I only get those compliments when I use the Bourjois Healty Mix Foundation (in No. 53 Light Beige), haha! Honestly, you have to try this. Although I must admit that my skin has been behaving quite well recently, I feel like with this, my skin looks in its best condition.

4. I’ve rekindled my affair with the Stila Longwear Liquid Lip Color in Patina.

5. A new obsession: Rohto Mint Eyedrops.  It comes in this beautiful jade green bottle, too. I love love love using this after a long day in front of the computer and most especially after tattooing.  It’s the mintiest eye drop I’ve ever tried and it instantly refreshes my eyes.  I must admit, this isn’t for the faint of heart/eyes.

6. Have I mentioned how much I’ve been getting along so well with Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express? Because I have been for months now.  It has single-handedly made mascara a daily staple in my life. (Yes, I didn’t use to wear mascara all the time.)

7. A new staple in my makeup bag: Terre d’Oc Argan Body Butter in the Orange Blossom Fragrance. Argan oil is my most favorite body oil, and the fact that this balm can be used on my hair, my face, my lips and all other body parts increases the percentage of that love.  I reckon this is great on tattoos as well! Also, it smells like heaven.

8. Ahh, the only two eyeliners I go to when I’m not in a lipstick mood: Milani’s Liquid Eye Liquid-Like Eye Liner in 05 Brown and 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #3 Wicked. Both of these stay on the whole day once it has set; otherwise, you can smudge these out for a smokier look when freshly applied.

9. Yet another staple for lazy days: Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study. I know that a lot of people love this as a shadow base but I’ve been more than contented with it on its own.  I absolutely love this shade–it makes me look fresher than I really am.

10. The 3CE Full Cover Concealer in 002, in conjunction with the Bourjois Healthy Mix is perfection (at least, in my world).  This concealer on its own is still pretty damn great.

11. Another staple I’ve found in September is the Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Maya, which I can’t seem to stop applying on my lips.

12. The reason why I’m back to wearing most lipsticks, my new hero, my lipsaver: Sally Hansen’s Instant Lip Line Relaxer.  I’ve been complaining about how my lips suddenly went really chapped and dry since I got pregnant, and how my usual lip routine (Lush Mint Julips, Egyptian Magic Cream or Lucas Pawpaw) has not helped.  This Instant Lip Line Relaxer was just another impulse purchase while in line in either Sasa or Bonjour, but turns out it’s the lipsaver. I honestly did not expect much from it, but then I started using it at night, before I sleep, and found out that, yes, I can wear matte lipsticks again. Or any other lipstick that has been misbehaving! I haven’t checked if this is available locally, though, but if you see it here, please let me know?

13. A daily staple, which I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before: Etude House’s CC Cream in Glow.


What have you been loving in September?



4 thoughts on “September Favorites!

  1. Waaah, I’m a foundation junkie! By the time I’m done with the ban, hopefully I’ve already used up at least 1 liquid foundation. I’ll get Bourjois, I think I’m shade #56.

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