A very delayed July & August Favorites!


…and because I didn’t go out too much during the first trimester of my pregnancy (which is the few months I skipped out on beauty blogging), here’s a belated favorites post!  I was sensitive to a lot of scents and felt weak all the time, I used a lot of either gentle/non-offensive products or quick and easy ones.


For starters, I didn’t put too much products on my skin.  I was always wearing  the Stila One Step Correct as my base–I love it because it evens out my complexion without feeling heavy at all.  I love that it is practically translucent, and so applying it is a breeze, no mirror needed! I would’ve hated wondering if applied everything evenly or not, I simply did not have the will to do that.  Later on though, I rediscovered my Etude House CC Cream in Glow because like the latter product, it is the easiest thing to apply.  I didn’t even need a lot of the product–just dotted bits of the product on the areas I wanted to correct and illuminate (undereyes mostly) and that was all I needed.

I also rediscovered the Collection concealer that was stashed away amongst my things–ahh, what moving to a new place does–a lot of digging through things one forgets about. I found that I’ve gone back to this shade, I’m a bit paler again now.  But I’m glad I got to use it again. Yet another rediscovery: the L’oreal Lucent Magique Light Touch Up Pen in Light which now suits my skintone again.  I don’t think I liked the formula when I first got this and stashed it away immediately.  I think it’s still pretty much hygienic to use this again now (unlike the Collection one haha) because I never really used it before. I use this when I feel like my eyebags aren’t too bad for the day.

For my lips, I was pretty much obsessed with the Hurraw Earl Grey Lip Balm that I got from Cutieverse. They had a lot of really good flavors/scents but my pregnant nose could only take this Earl Grey variant for that time.  I think I could go back now and get more though!

The only lip product I could wear on a daily basis, other than the lip balm, was Tarte’s LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint in Energy. It’s the easiest thing to swipe on; no mirror needed as well.  It feels really light on the lips and moisturizing, too.

A new thing: Maybelline’s the Rocket Volum’ Express, which has converted me into a daily mascara wearer.  (I used to forget to wear mascara all the time–now I just can’t go out without some on my lashes.) I love that I can go subtle or dramatic with this mascara, and that it doesn’t smudge despite the weather.  Another rediscovery: Elf’s Eyebrow Kit.  The only part of my face I took some time to work on were the eyebrows. I love the combination of the cream on the edges of the brows and the powder on the front parts.

At night, to take everything off, I have been loving The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.  If you haven’t tried this yet, I suggest you do.  It’s made taking off makeup a highlight of my day. I absolutely love that despite being gentle, this seriously takes makeup off while keeping my skin hydrated.  I love how my skin feels after using this + a facial wash. I also love that it has the most unoffensive scent.

For my belly, I’ve been rubbing 3CE’s Nursing Cream every night.  I bought those Palmer’s Cocoa butter products and I just couldn’t stand the smell! At least my pregnant nose, didn’t. I’m sure it’s a perfectly fine scent.  This nursing cream though is lovely to massage on my belly and anywhere else I fear might get too stretchy and it’s made from all organic ingredients, so that’s a plus. Also, it applies so easy that it’s really nice to massage onto the skin. I’ve also caught myself sleeping holding this little tub of Oryspa’s Rice Brand Meditation Balm because I had a lot of headaches the past month.  Like a lola, I rub it on my nose and on my temples.  I am embracing lola-hood, hear me roar!


What products have you been loving?



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