Hong Kong Day 3: Last Chance Hauls


DW-DSCN5126My favorite hauls out of stay.

The manfriend and I went to the K11 Art Mall in TST where we chanced upon a really gorgeous booth in the basement. This is terre d’Oc, and I wonder how one pronounces this. Terre d’Oc is a French organic line that offers organic teas to cosmetics and skin care.

It was so hard to pick (all of their packaging: gorgeous) which one to get so we picked up a set with the more interesting flavors.

DW-DSCN5136 DW-DSCN5131 DW-DSCN5135The box we picked up is a collection of 6 organic green and black gourmet teas with these flavors: Chocolate Orange, Salter Butter Caramel, Lemon Sorbet, Strawberry Rhubarb, Gingerbread and Macaroon Almond. These are supposed to be drank hot, I think, but I think they’ll fare well as iced teas, too.  They come in the most gorgeous tin cannisters, which you know I will be reusing after I finish the teas.

I wasn’t too impressed with their cosmetic line (they seemed poorly pigmented and dry) but I was with their skincare range.  I only got a small tin of their Argan Body Butter in Orange Blossom Fragrance which I think will last me a long time though.

DW-DSCN5138DW-DSCN5141I immediately used this in the airport, as a lip balm and to tame my frizzy hair. I don’t know if you know yet, but I am a very big fan of argan oil, even if a lot of people are sorta over it.  I remain a steadfast fan of argan oil! I just know this will be a staple in my bag. it doesn’t hurt that it looks lovely, too!

I finally got to wander in a Colourmix store, because I’ve been going only to Bonjour and Sasa. Herein comes some regret: I should’ve gone into more Colourmix stores than Sasa and Bonjour!  I found much better deals in Colourmix.

DW-DSCN5145I got  an Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask, originally HK$98 for only HK$58.  There were better selections of 3CE products here, too (at least, compared to Sasa and Bonjour). I got a big bottle of the 3CE Deep Moisturizing Body Oil Mist (ahh body oils, a pregnant woman’s bossom buddy), originally HK$142 for only HK$68.  Finally, the 3C Jumbo Lip crayon in OhMyPink, originally HK$120 for only HK$65.   It came in the twist up version, too! (The other 3CE lip crayon I have requires a sharpener, which I hate.) I exited the store giggling.

Manfriend did some shopping in one of his favorite streetwear stores, Chocoolate, where he shopped enough to win us some of their Demeter x Chocolate room sprays for free.  We chose two of the same scent: Rain Atmosphere. I don’t really know how to describe this except that it is somewhere between a clean and a moody scent. Oh you know how rain is.


We didn’t have too much time to wander (shop) around the airport, all I got was a Frankie magazine and this Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study.  Don’t get me wrong! Not complaining, I absolutely love the two last purchases I made! 🙂

DW-DSCN5150DW-DSCN5151I was choosing between this shade and Groundwork, but I remembered recently watching an old Pixiwoo video where they used Bare Study (for a Kate Middleton pregnancy glow video, nonetheless! Haha) and I remembered loving how it looked. And yes, I do love how it looks!  But now I keep thinking about Groundwork, too, about how perfect it would be for more ‘chill’ days, whereas Bare Study is quite girly, perfect for dates and such. Dammit, why must I have makeup woes when I have more than enough.

DW-DSCN5156Anyway, here are some swatches of what I can swatch.  On the left a thick layer of Mac’s Bare Study, and on the right, 3CE’s Jumbo Lip Crayon in Oh,MyPink.


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