Hong Kong Day 2: Thaaaat’s better.


DW-DSCN5089Ahhh, 3 Concept Eyes.  I was finally able to check out a 3CE/Style Nanda store for myself.  We stayed at the Stanford Hotel in Mongkok which is walking distance from Langham Place.

DW-DSCN5095I got myself the Full Cover Concealer in 002, a Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in a dark green, semi glittery shade called Wicked, a their Lip Marker in Red.

DW-DSCN5101I’ve either read or watched somewhere a review of this and it was being compared to Nars’ Creamy Concealer.  I don’t really know about that as I haven’t tried the Nars one. I’ve only used it once though and it lasted me the whole day walking around Hong Kong and through their airport.  The immediate downside to this product: limited shades. They only have 001, which is for the very fair ones, and 002, which is medium toned and for me.

DW-DSCN5107I had the hardest time choosing which shade to get in this range!  They have a diverse range of all beautiful shades from black to reddish browns to blues and golds.  I decided to pick up this shade called Wicked. I haven’t tried it on but the swatch I did on my hands lasted a long time.

DW-DSCN5104I wasn’t planning on picking up any of their (or any other brand’s, really) lip markers because I haven’t had a good experience with lip markers in a looooong time.  (I enjoyed these formulations years ago, but a lot of better long-wearing formulations have been released since then.) But I don’t know, I swatched it and it was a tamer red shade (which leans more towards orange, really) and it didn’t seem to budge on my hand so I picked it up.  I used it on my last day in HK though and it really didn’t last as much as I wanted it to.  Maybe I should recalibrate my expectations of lip markers. I am certainly still going to use this, though, and give it another chance.

DW-DSCN5115The swatches–concealer, eyeliner and marker.

That night I wandered towards a street near the hotel that had Sasa, Bonjour, Watson’s and Innisfree branches in it.

DW-DSCN5119From Sasa, the following:

A Mavala Double Lash Eye care tube for my mom (who’s obsessed with anything lash-related, the opposite of me, I must say). It’s basically a formula you put on your lashes overnight that’ll supposedly strengthen and make your lashes longer and fuller.  I also got her a Kanebo Media Makeup Base S in the Green Variety because my mom is always, always red and I feel like this’ll help her counteract the redness. I didn’t want to leave Sasa without anything for me, so I randomly picked up the Pupa Milano Shiny Lip Fluid in 002–a nude-y mauve-y pink reminiscent of my favorite Nyx High Shine lipgloss in Natural.  I thought it was a lip lacquer of sorts but I think this is more of a highly pigmented lipgloss.

At Bonjour, I got a tub of the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel because my tummy has gotten itchy and well, I just love multipurpose products.  I also got the Sally Hansen Instant Lip Line relaxer because I’ve never had such chapped lips ever!  The first few months of my pregnancy presented me with this new foe, chapped lips.  My lip moisturizer products have double since then.  I haven’t tried this out but I hope it works!

I stopped by Innisfree and I just got a Manuka Honey Mask and their Lemon Hand cream (mainly because I thought the packaging was adorable).  I got a free sample of their Eco Safety Aqua Sun Gel.

Next to it, a Watson’s branch where I acquired some new favorites: Rohto Mint Eye drops and Ricqles Peppermint Cure! Very lola* purchases, I know. (edit: I just realized the photos I took of these are on my phone! Follow me on instagram though, @CuriousWiji) You will either be repulsed/afraid of the Rohto eyedrops or love it.  These eyedrops are the mintiest ever and they leave my eyes feeling really refreshed, but these are the coldest ever, I swear!  I haven’t tried the Ricqles peppermint cure yet, but I love what it is.  You can basically put a couple of drops on a lump of sugar, or water, or tea, or topically on areas that need soothing or cooling.  It can sweeten the breath when drunk, it relieves digestion and fatigue when taken with sugar.



*Lola = Grandma






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