Hong Kong day 1 + Major Life Updates


Hello! The last time I wrote in here was the first week of July, which seems like eons ago.  I guess I should start with the life updates, which will explain my absence.  For starters, I’m pregnant! 🙂 And for the first few months of this pregnancy, I soooo wasn’t in the mood to do anything but sleep. That’s my excuse: I was sleeping. Also, the manfriend and I have decided to move to another house–one more suitable for a baby, and so I’ve been crazy busy packing when not sleeping.  Now that I’m in my second trimester though, I feel much more…awake! And more productive. So last weekend, the manfriend/baby daddy had a convention to attend to in Hong Kong and I tagged along because I don’t really mind going around the city by myself while he works, because: Sasa, Bonjour, Colourmix, 3CE.  I don’t think I need to say any more than that.

Despite the latter sentence, my first day haul isn’t too exciting, beauty-wise because I spent a whole lot of time in Ikea, buying stuff for the house. I did manage to go to a Sasa branch and managed to get only these:

DW-DSCN5081An EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew lipbalm orb, and also the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No. 53 Light Beige, which I hope is the perfect match for my current shade. Also, Bourjois stuff is pricey in Sasa, ha! At least, compared to the prices I’ve seen online.

I promise the next two hauls are more exciting than this one!

Sooooo…how’ve you been? I’ve missed reading all your posts!!



8 thoughts on “Hong Kong day 1 + Major Life Updates

  1. Ako din, when I was pregnant, all I wanted to do was sleep. I would wake up, eat breakfast, then I would sleep again until lunch time. 2nd trim is the best! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  2. Yayyyy, congrats Wiji!!! I’m so happy for you and baby daddy! When are you due?! I’m due next month na, haha! Enjoy your 2nd trimester, it’s the best-3rd trim’s a bitch! Exciting times ahead, take care always! xx

    • Thanks Ae!! It’s baby season!! 🙂 OMG next month ka na!!! Ang bilis!!!! Pardon my exclamation points, haha. I’m due March next year pa. Exciting times indeed, you take care too! And I’m so excited for you and your little one! 🙂

  3. Congrats Wiji! I don’t know if you remember, when you did my 1st tattoo back in July, we were talking about pregnancy (but mostly you’re just asking) and stuff and now, you’re pregnant na nga! Will you still be tattooing while being a mommy? I hope you still can. Anyways, enjoy your pregnancy! 🙂

  4. Siguro one major tip is to never eat for two? Kasi it’s a major misconception (that I am guilty of. I got so big when I was preggy!) and to start using palmers for your tummy, kahit na hindi pa big yung tummy mo, para less prone to stretch marks. 🙂 sana i get to decide my next tattoo before your tummy gets big! Haha! 🙂

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