Review: K-Palette 24 hour Real Lasting Eyeliner (Waterproof Micro) in Jet Black

Well the title was a mouthful.

After months of disappointments with (lower-end) liquid eyeliners–to a point that I didn’t even bother to wear eyeliner altogether- I was finally set to get the Stila Waterproof Liquid eyeliner but for some reason, the Stila counters were only selling them as part of gift sets and not in singles.  And then I remembered Iana’s Liquid Liner showdown post (which I loved), where she preferred her K-Palette eyeliner above higher end ones she had. So I went in the Beauty Bar and got myself the K-Palette 24 hour Real Lasting eyeliner, but in the micro tip form (Php795).

DW-DSCN4906*Please disregard the unsightly nails.

This tip is the thinnest I’ve ever had so far (.05mm!), and most manageable (at least for me) actually. I think it’s because when I paint I always prefer the thinnest brushes as well. The tip is also flexible, in the right amount, and therefore controllable in terms of thickness. As you’ll see in the photo below, you can wear it very thinly and natural (you can just dot it in between the lashes) but you can also always thicken it out too.


DW-DSCN4911*Now you have to disregard the lipstain swatch on the right; I’ll be posting about that soon!

Right after swatching, I tried to rub the swatches and it immediately did not budge–a good testament to its lasting power. I’ve already worn this countless times in this heat, and for long periods, too and it did not move one bit. Here’s a list of the best occasions I’ve worn this to and where it has not budged, just for further (water)proof (haha I had to do that pun):

  • At a two-day music festival, from day to night (did not move on my lids, I swear)
  • At my friends’ wedding, where there was, of course, crying involved
  • That same wedding, where we all, including the bride in her gown, jumped in the swimming pool (still did not budge!)

Given those occasions, what makes me love this more is that it isn’t the most stubborn; it took just about the right kind of effort to take it off with an oil-based remover.  The package does claim that you can take this off with only soap and water though.

I’m really, extremely pleased (actually in love) with this eyeliner and I’m back to using eyeliner all the time now.  Have you tried this? Did you like/love it as much as I did?

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