April Favorites!


1. Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Pink Me Up, which is a big surprise because I never thought I’d love their lipsticks! Also, Maybelline is soooo not cruelty-free. But I really have to admit that this is quite a good one. This is also quite a good dupe for Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection in Heavenly, which I love so much. I find it a bit funny that this is a dupe for another drugstore lipstick, which defeats the ‘dupe’ purpose a bit. If I had to choose, I’d choose the latter though because this Maybelline one is a tad more sticky.  It is a great MLBB shade for me though!

2. I finally bought a Real Techniques brush, which I find baffling. Why do I never buy these brushes? This Expert Face brush I have is great! I’ve always loved applying foundation with my fingers or a Blending Sponge, but this time I’ve been using a water-based foundation so a blending sponge has been out of the question. This brush, however, is perfection. I feel that it blends in the foundation much better than my fingers ever will.

3. I’ve gone back to loving my Stila Convertible Color in Lilium (yes, it’s still alive!), which I always go back to during these crazy hot months. I’ve hit pan long ago but it still keeps going and going. One of the best cream blushes out there, hands down.

4. If I’m not wearing a cream blush, I’m wearing this 3CE Duo Color Face Blush in Make Me Blush, which I’m very proud to say is a boyfriend pick. (He picked this out for me when he was in Korea.) This lasts incredibly long, blends easily and is just a beautiful rosy shade.

5. Another boyfriend pick: 3CE’s Creamy Lipstick in #1 Pick Me Up. I normally shy away from glossy/creamy red lip products; I usually go matte with reds, but this one opened a new red world for me. It’s a beautiful tomato red with a shine to it, an extra-creaminess, that I feel works with this hot, hot heat. I find that it lasts longer if you blot it out a couple of times and reapply. One of these days when I’m feeling a little bit more ‘sassy’ (haha) I’ll show you a photo of me wearing it (which is not today).

6. My Yadah Oh My Sunblock still lives! I love this stuff for my face–it isn’t heavy or comes off with a whitish cast at all. This is, of course, a staple this summer.

7. I just tried out Too Cool for School’s Pink Shower Brush Cleanser (mostly because it looked cute) but it really does the job well.


How did April treat ya? Well I hope! What have you been loving? 🙂


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