Pink eyed.

I know the title doesn’t sound sexy, nonetheless pleasant at all, but I think I just may have fallen in love with Mac’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Perky.

This purchase is a reaction to how much I loved Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, but there weren’t any more shades I was drawn to, so I checked out a Mac counter instead. And the color selection, sigh. Perky was the first pot I got my hands on though, and it was love at first swatch. The second one I was eyeing was a shade called Layin’ Low,  a ‘creamy beige’, perfect for lazy days I think, but I’ll reserve that for another day. My first Mac Paint Pot had to be in a shade I never had before.


Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Perky (Php 1,265) is a “cream coral with white pearl”.  It looks rather matte from afar, but there seems to be some shimmer when inspected closely.



DW-DSCN4377Obviously, I couldn’t resist trying it out asap. It was quite a disappointment the first time I used it–turns out I slathered on too much in one go and it went on patchy and was difficult to even out. So here’s a tip: apply this in thin layers, preferably with your ring finger. When I did that, all was beautiful.

DW-DSCN4373Here it is, a sheer wash of champagne pink–very delicate looking, I love. It lasts incredibly well on my lids and doesn’t seem to crease (because like I said, apply in thin layers).  This shade has been my go to lazy day shade–it’s so easy to apply and can look quite natural (if applied lightly) and always makes me look like I put more effort into my look than I actually did. I suspect this’ll be beautiful when topped with other eye shadows as well. It could probably be a good cream blush/highlighter, too. Maybe.  But for the moment, I love it as it is.

I’ll be coming out with a get-ready-with-me-on-a-lazy-day look soon, using this! 🙂 What other shades from the Paint Pot series should I try?



11 thoughts on “Pink eyed.

  1. This is so pretty! Not too shimmery. I’m getting sick of shimmer kasi. And it’s so hard to find matte cream bases/shadows. Sucks that maybelline came out with a LE matte tattoos last winter! Huhu, super pretty pa naman ng mga shades. I’ll look at this one and Painterly!

  2. This looks beautiful and these kind of shades are perfect for spring/ summer and will go with any skin tone! xoxo

  3. Matte. Yes. I’m thinking of getting me some of bobbi brown’s longwear cream pencil liners din. There were several matte-ish ones I saw. Maybe they’d work as a good eye base too

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