Just in: My 3CE Loot! (First Impressions and all around boyfriend awesomeness)

My boyfriend had a work trip to Korea last week and I most definitely had to (lovingly) nag him to please buy me stuff from 3ConceptEyes! I actually asked him for only 1 thing, but when he was in the store he asked me to give him a list of a couple more–since he was there, might as well purchase more, right? It made me happy to know how excited he was to bring home his little loot for me! Yayyyy best boyfriend everrrrrr!


DW-DSCN4308From lower left, clockwise: 3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon in Popping P, Duo Color Face Blush in Make Me Blush, Lip Lacquer in Bon Bon, and Nursing Cream.

First Impressions on Packaging.

I expected their packaging to feel like Tony Moly or The Face Shop Packaging–along the lines of nice, not but certainly not that luxurious. Turns out their packaging feels expensive, and sturdy! The lip crayon feels like the Nars ones (except for the transparent cover), I like the heft of the Lip Lacquer and the Nursing Cream is in an even heftier glass jar (it also comes with a cute little baby spatula).  The only plasticky/not-s0-expensive feel came from the Duo Color Face Blush.


First impressions on the actual products.

The duo color face blush compact (around $24) comes with two shades. You can either contour with these or use each separately, or even use both! Did I tell you my boyfriend picked this variant? I suppose he went for the most wearable  duo, hehe. (I find it interesting, finding out which colors he picks out for me–a big man left in a cosmetic store, trying to choose colors for me.) These feel really satin-y to the touch, and seem to be finely milled, too. I notice no fall out, and they do seem to glide on easily on the cheeks.

The Lip Lacquer in Bon Bon (it doesn’t show up on the website anymore, will find out price next time!) was originally the only one I asked him to purchase. I saw Jen of Clothes Encounters use it and it looked really beautiful on her. It’s a beautiful milky peach lip color but disappointed me–I felt like it highlighted every little line on my mouth, but then again it’s probably because my lips have been really dry lately (my skin has been having dry patches, too, boo).  I need to get me some new lip scrub and then maybe this one’ll be a success by then? I’ll let you know for sure.

The Jumbo Lip Pencil in Popping P ($16.51) is a beautiful, vibrant plummy purple that glides easily and is creamy. I am already in love with this one. Despite being creamy, it stays on the lips a long time and does not dry out my lips! I suggest you try this (or any other color of this product) when you can! I wore it this weekend to the 7107 Music Festival and it stayed on the whole time.  It may have required a little touch up when I ate or drank, but honestly it wore out beautifully. This is one of my favorites from this little haul.

The Nursing Cream ($42.94) “contains argan oil, olive oil and palm tree seed butter extracted from murumuru trees grown in clean areas. All together they create a moisturizing layer on your skin!” –This stuff feels like a really good dupe for the Egyptian Magic Cream. They smell the same, and almost feel the same although I feel like the Egyptian Magic Cream is bit more oily, while this Nursing Cream can be oily but when thoroughly massaged dissolves into creaminess. It also is a multipurpose product, and I’m always a sucker for that. You can use this as a night cream, also prior to makeup application (for the Korean-coveted glossy look) and on dry areas like elbows and knees.  I use this as my night cream now, replacing the Tarte Maracuja/Egyptian Magic Cream routine I have been doing. My skin has been getting really patchy and dry lately–especially last weekend at that Festival! I was wearing a heavy cardigan and was freezing at a Festival, can you imagine? It’s been really chilly the past few weeks. Anyway, I’ve been using it for a couple of days and I’ve been feeling a really good difference in my skin! My skin absorbs it throughout the night and I wake up with well-moisturized, dare I say, skin similar to my 10-year-old skin! (Also, it was -2  degrees in Korea, so my boyfriend came home with extremely, extremely dry skin and so I applied this on his face and I saw good results, too.) This is also another favorite in the 3CE loot!

Anyway, I was about to pack up all my new loot when I discovered yet another thing in the paperbag! Yay! My boyfriend got another lipstick for me, something that wasn’t on my list,  something he chose by himself! I must say he did a pretty good job because I quite love it.


DW-DSCN4322The Creamy Lip Color in #1 Pick Me Up is  true to its word–this is incredibly creamy and can be sheered down or built up.  My photo of the swatch is a bad one–it shows up a bit more orange than it actually is. It actually is more of a tomato red in real life. Packaging is great as well, the tube comes in a sturdy and sleek plastic case. This feels incredibly comfortable on the lips although I can’t say it has good staying power, given that it is richly creamy afterall. I say it’ll probably work better with a lip liner underneath–something I haven’t tried out yet. I wore this yesterday, sheered down, to a meeting yesterday. I love that there is much versatility to this product. You can go from really vibrant red to sheer watermelon like I did below (although arghhh my camera seems to make it orange-y, I don’t know why! I swear in real life it looks watermelon-y.)


P.s. I used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders as my natural, daytime eyeshadows here! 🙂 Pardon the haggard face–I just came back from the weekend festival here and had to go to a meeting the morning after. But the Nursing Balm helped my skin look less dry, no? Oh and sorry about this white-r face– I didn’t give my bb cream enough time to set before taking a photo because I really had to dash out. (I use the Skin71 bb cream, which needs more than 10 minutes for the whitish cast to leave your face.)

I am seriously considering purchasing more stuff from 3CE, most of the stuff is great so far! Which products from 3CE have you tried and love so much? 🙂


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