Link Love: The Valentine Face part 2, still a prelude to getting it on.

To be very honest, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s all that much, but I do love seeing different Valentine’s makeup looks, all sultry and sexy and you know, all with more or less the same end goal. Getting it on! Hahaha. At least that’s what I think.  Anyway, here are some makeup looks I’ve been checking out online, hopefully all catching the same goal.

I call this the ‘Subtle Dominatrix’, for the no-nonsense woman.

I love this one, I don’t have a name for it but this look has managed to pull of sexy and cute at the same time.

Slightly similar to the one above but more…innocent, I guess.

The eyes!

A simple look that draws attention to your lips.

Anyway. Which Valentine’s look are you into? 🙂


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