Review: Ben Nye Media Pro HD SK-1 Cover-all Concealer Wheel

I picked up the Ben Nye Media Pro HD SK-1 Cover-all Concealer Wheel (what a mouthful) one day last December, after I realized I may have gotten a bit more tan and the concealers I had were all for my, well, ‘fairer days’. Years ago I never had so much issues with concealers because I had my trusty Makeup Forever Concealer palette with me and I missed the convenience of that. So I blindly (that is, I didn’t do much research on this one/I hadn’t read and heard much about it on blogs and vlogs) got this one and see how it went.


DW-DSCN4261This is a handy little concealer wheel–though I know some might get iffy about how sanitary it is, but obviously I always apply it with well-sanitized fingers and brushes (and you can always use a spatula with this if you’re extra extra OC)–this stuff is perfect to just chuck in your makeup bag.

This concealer wheel has four neutralizing shades (from the photo clockwise): MY-2 (Mellow Yellow), CC-3 (Coverette Cover-up), FS-3 (Five O’Sharp) and my favorite, MO-2 (Mellow Orange).

MY-2 (Mellow Yellow) covers redness, blemishes and capillaries.

CC-3 (Coverette Cover-up) is supposedly recommended by doctors and ‘camouflage artists’ for covering scartissues, birthmarks and other post-op discolorations. The description is kinda intense but honestly I just use it around my nose area, haha.

FS-3 (Five O’Sharp) is supposed to conceal deep discolorations, like black eyes or so, and I certainly hope neither of us will ever use this for that purpose.

MO-2 (Mellow Orange) is the salmon tinted concealer I’ve always needed for under my eyes. It is supposed to neutralize the blue-green-ish tints of veins, even bruises and even tattoos! I wish I had this stuff when I was younger and trying to hide my tattoos from the family. Hahahaha.

DW-DSCN4263This stuff is creamy, although I worry that it could go on a little too creamy once summer really kicks in. It feels very blendable on my skin now but wasn’t so when I had drier skin last January.

But the pigmentation!

DW-DSCN4269Here’s a really colorful and easier-to-photograph tattoo I have–check out how much the lower part is concealed with just one layer of the CC-2 shade. This is intense, full coverage stuff, I tell you.

I like applying this on with subtly warmed fingers, then I pat it on the area I want to conceal/neutralize. I feel like this has good lasting power (I set it with powder after application); I’ve been observing it since December, using it all throughout family reunions and weddings and gigs and all that.

Although this circle has four shades, I’d say the shades will cater to light-medium skintones, which I feel is the spectrum my tones fall into anyway.

In the end I like this stuff a lot (I’m not saying love yet because, well, summer is on its way and I have to test it for that, but for the most part it was pretty awesome), I like how handy it is and how much variety these shades give me (I try to mix the shades as well), and how can we forget how pigmented it is? If you’re looking for a really pigmented concealer/neutralizer mix, I say check this one out. I do have normal to combination skin though (my skin is as fickle as I am), if that helps you in choosing.

Oh and this was around Php700 or so at Digital Traincase! 🙂

Have you tried this before? Let me know how it went for you!


Ben Nye is cruelty-free.


2 thoughts on “Review: Ben Nye Media Pro HD SK-1 Cover-all Concealer Wheel

  1. WOW that is pigmented stuff ha! 😮 Definitely going to try this out one day (when DTC restocks siguro haha) and compare it to my Make Up Designory correctors. 🙂

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