HG: Nyx Butter Glosses

I am a recent gloss convert after years of being a matte lipstick junkie.  The one that got me hooked: The Face Shop’s Lovely Me:Ex I Love Pure Color Pure My Lips Gloss in Juicy Peach. I fell in love with the texture, the consistency, the staying power of that one, the best gloss experience I’ve had in years (and I really did try to love glosses before, I tried The Body Shop and Victoria’s Secret and some Nars ones, all of which produced rather mediocre, if not horrible, experiences). I loved this gloss so much, it even made my Favorites of 2013 cut. My only concern, this gloss’ biggest downfall: it isn’t cruelty-free.

So then one day I was delightfully watching my favorite vloggers Favorites of 2013 posts and I was immediately smitten with Fleur’s look in her favorites video. Now she always look incredibly lovely, but more so (in my opinion) in this video–her lips! I had to know what was on her lips! It turns out, it was a Nyx Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie. I’ve heard and read so many good things about these Butter Glosses but one of my other favorite vloggers, EmilyNoel, didn’t quite like these as much as Nyx’s Mega Shine Lip Glosses, so I got those ones first. And while I did absolutely love the formula of these Mega Shine Lip Glosses, I just couldn’t stand the strong cherry scent, which is honestly too bad! I really, really love the formula but I just end up sneezing all the time when I wear it! So, I finally gave in and tried the Butter Gloss in the precise shade Fleur had on.

And it was complete love.


DW-DSCN4145Pardon the eyeliner swatch beside it, but here’s how Vanilla Cream Pie looks swatched on my hand. It is a beautiful milky carnation pink, I’d say. It can be sheered out or built up. I like wearing this on its own but it definitely looks awesome on top of lipsticks, too. I feel like it is highly pigmented and doesn’t feel sticky and uncomfortable at all. I also love that it smells liked a baked pastry–I wish those Mega Shine glosses smelled this way.

DW-DSCN4147Here it is with my former love. I quite like the packaging of the The Face Shop’s more, to be honest, but Nyx being cruelty-free wins my love, hands down.

DW-DSCN4148Nyx has a shade that could be a dupe for Juicy Peach from TFS, which I should definitely get my hands on, but for the meantime, here are the two side by side. Both are milky and very comparable in texture.  I let these swatches linger on my hand for a couple of hours and I noticed that the TFS one sinks and is absorbed by the skin (diminishing the glossy layer but giving it a long wear tint feel, if you know what I mean) while the Nyx one sort of does that, but with a shiny layer remaining on top of the skin.

I absolutely love this Nyx Butter Gloss and you can bet I’m getting more of the other shades. I hope you try this if you haven’t yet! 🙂


Nyx is cruelty-free.


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