Home Scent week ep 4: Fae

DW-DSCN3712 Back to finishing this little themed week I started.  This is the last purchase, a big candle jar from a Philippine made brand called FaE, which the manfriend and I found in Cura V at Rockwell. I also just saw it available here. Their stuff are pretty pricey but I’d rather pay more to support a well-crafted local brand!

From seektheuniq.com: “FaE is a luxury line of beeswax candles and vegan soaps created by mother & fellow seeker, Macky Fah.  Macky lived all over the world growing up, and was exposed to different cultures. She is now settled in Manila with her Swiss husband, Bernard, and their two daughters. The idea for FaE was born earlier this year, after giving birth to her second child. Macky’s daughters both suffer from sensitive skin and can only use chemical free products.  So, she decided to create her own.  Macky focused on research & product development while husband Bernard conceptualized the names of each product. She now has a “bank list” of over 100 names now to choose from!  “

The beeswax they use apparently produces a clean and smokeless flame therefore emitting negative ions in the air. Packaging, the box anyway, is glorious! Look at that box!



Among the four or five scents available in the boutique, we ended up with a scent called ‘Winter’s Evening’ which is apt for the season I guess. And also I found this scent to agree the most with my nose–the others seemed too musky, to the delight of the manfriend.

DW-DSCN3721DW-DSCN3720Winter’s Evening is a blend of pine, eucalyptus, nutmeg and peppermint–all that said, it smells like a lozenge. I happen to like lozenges though, but if you’re not one for minty candy scents, I can imagine you not liking this. This is definitely a unique scent–it doesn’t smell cozy like how one would expect from any scent that would title itself with the word ‘winter’. What I imagine with the scent though–and I don’t know if this would make any sense at all–is a holiday afternoon or night, listening to vintage records with good friends, getting a start on the alcoholic drinks. So yeah, this isn’t a cozy hot cocoa and comforter winter scent, it is a cool, hang-out-with-your-‘cool’-friends with some bubblies scent. It is cold (in a nice way), as opposed to most wintry scents that evoke warmth.

Have you tried out any candles from FaE yet?


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