Home Scent Week ep. 3: Fruits & Passion

DW-DSCN3643Fruits & Passion is a Canadian brand whose stores I used to frequent–until I sort of got sort of tired of fruity scents (I go through phases).  A couple of weeks ago I was enticed by their Holiday displays in Greenbelt. They had a loooot of awesome new lines and fragrances, it was hard to choose just one (or two).

In the end, I just got a couple of these small Pinot Grigio candles from their Cucina line.

DW-DSCN3644Packaging is pretty basic, just your usual glass container. I like how they all look spread around the house though.

This scent is lovely, it definitely reminds me of the bubblies and with that in mind, I feel like this is a perfect candle to light up for the New Year.  The scent is described as a “rich, full-bodied fragrance [that] blends fruity notes with a hint of flowers.  The honey and cedar wood base sets off the interplay between sweetness and character.  These aromas will evoke sophistication and Mediterranean flavors in your kitchen.” Aaaah, so this is supposedly just for the kitchen. I actually like it more for the bedroom though, and maybe the bathroom if only I had a big, nice tub. Mmm.

Other scents from the brand I should be going back for are:

Coriander and Olive Tree

Rosemary and Cardamom

Frosted Birch (this really smells like the holidays, you guys. I should be going back for this real soon.)

Melody in White (aaah I love this, too.)

Oh and I was also obsessed, OBSESSED!, with their Coconut perfume–I swear it smells almost exactly like Malibu Rum which I love oh so much but they were out of stock. That one is something I definitely have to hunt for in their other branches.


Have you tried Fruits & Passion? Which scents from the line do you like the most?



4 thoughts on “Home Scent Week ep. 3: Fruits & Passion

  1. i soooo love coriander and olive tree spray and frosted birch candles.. planning to buy the frosted birch this weekend since they are 25% off 🙂

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