Home Scent Week ep. 2: Sparrow

DW-DSCN3599I got these over the weekend at the Rockwell Bazaar. I know the co-creator, Cat Cantada, from her husband who I knew from waaaay back.  Sparrow is the second baby project of Cat and Belle, who also own Belle & Cat Nail and Wax Studio, a day spa I frequent in Makati.

I got two regular sized home scents, both packaged in clear plastic bottles with spray stoppers (I appreciate this bit) and cute little paisley pendants.

DW-DSCN3602Nest is described as ‘lavender blooms in summer’; a ‘safe’ bet I’d say if you were planning to give this as a present in general. It’s a lovely, unoffensive scent—meaning I’m about 98% sure most people will like this.  It smells clean, calming and mild, and is quite true to its description. It isn’t overpowering but I’m not too sure if it lasts too long. But then again, it wouldn’t be any problem for me to spritz this over and over again.

DW-DSCN3603Breakfast in Bed is described as ‘hot cocoa and cozy mornings’ and it feels so true. It smells chocolate-y but not the overly sweet kind. I mean, yeah, cocoa. I feel like this scent lasts more than the previous one because it is a tad stronger, but not annoyingly so. The manfriend isn’t too keen with this scent in the bedroom though, he says it makes him hungry which I’m sure is true. But I like it a lot! I think this’ll be good in the kitchen, too, to mask the scent of whatever it is you cooked for lunch.

Sparrow has a variety of other fragrances and lines, too, they even have perfumes and baby cologne, all of which I will have to re-sniff soon! All in all, it’s nice to support local brands that I know are handmade by passionate, crafty, good vibes people!

Check out @belleandcat on instagram for more info on the products.




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