Home Scent Week ep. 1: Voluspa Candles


Because there is no such thing as ‘winter weather’ in my part of the world, the thing that really sets me in the mood for the holidays are home scents, even if I use them all year round.  Some scents transport me fast forward to summer, some make me feel really cozy and want to snuggle under the covers (even if it’s just the air condition cold air breezing through).  This is why I thought of rendering this week as an ode to home scents: thank you for bringing imaginary seasons in my life! If you’re into these, feel free to come up with your own home scent week! I’m very curious to find out how your place smells like (stalk—errr).

Anyway, I wanted to start off this week with a candle brand I just recently chanced upon at Dimensione called Voluspa. (Elsewhere, I think they’re sold at Anthropologie, Lane Crawford and Bloomingdales.) If you’ve ever seen their display at Dimensione, I bet you’ll agree how beautiful their packaging is. Beautiful! The scents available compete with the packaging.  Most of their scents are unique and nevertheless heavenly. It took me a loooong time to decide which ones to bring home with me.  I also feel like their prices are ‘competitive’–meaning, not as expensive as Diptyque ones haha!

DW-DSCN3222The first one the manfriend and I really agreed on is this French Cade Lavender scent from their Japonica Collection.  The scent contains French Cade Wood, Verbena, and Bulgarian Lavender. I must say it smells like really fresh, clean laundry, like a beautiful breezy day. This is the one we burn the most, because it’s the most neutral–if you’re wondering which scent to share with your manfriend then this is perhaps a good bet. It isn’t an overpowering scent too, it starts out mild and then it just sort of lingers, a subtle fragrance that hangs quietly in your room.

DW-DSCN3223The other scent we got is Moso Bamboo, which is more of the manfriend’s pick, actually. It comes in similar packaging to those in the Japonica collection but I can’t seem to find it in the site. Anyway, it is a moody scent–a bit musky (in a good way) and I think I smell some fig in here.  This is definitely not your typical bamboo scent–usually bamboo scents smell rather fresh and/or earthy. I’d characterize this as a night time scent; definitely masculine.

DW-DSCN3498Now the last one is my pick, and well, my favorite.  From the Japonica collection, yet again, this is Bella Sucre.  The fragrance contains Demerara sugar, Tiare Flower and Coconut Milk. I feel like this scent contains the perfect balance between sweet and tropical notes, not that I know anything about ‘notes’. I’m not one for overly sweet scents (except for another candle which I will discuss within this week), and this feels just right. The coconut milk is most overt more than anything and this just transports me to a sunny day by the beach. Sigh. 🙂 I am absolutely in love with this scent.

Other notable fragrances I loved from Voluspa, that maybe you’d like to check out (and I have to go back for) are Creme de Peche (Asian White Peach, Nectarine and crushed Vanilla Bean), Orangerie d’Azahar (orange blossom-y and beach-y, if that makes any sense), Pink Citron (grapefruit, tart cassis and rose), Crisp Champagne (sparkling champagne, vanilla, oak), and Apricot & Aprilla (apricots, lily blooms, black rose). But honestly, they have a lot of wonderful, well-thought of fragrances in their line, I’m sure you’ll love most of the scents, even if I don’t know most of you yet.

I cannot recommend Voluspa Candles enough for the variety and uniqueness of their scents, and for incredible packaging. Nothing is ever too musky, or too floral, or too citrusy or too sweet. If you want to smell something beautiful and something you’ve never smelled before, I say you’d better try them out. I warn you though, it’s tough not to get more than one.

Huhu I forget how much they are exactly, but the bigger jars are around 1,200? I’m not exactly sure, don’t kill me! But the smaller jars are 600 something, which is a good deal, believe me! And the jars are beautiful! You know I’ll be using them as brush holders when they’re done!


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