Why hello there, blue eyes.

So I was buying notebooks at Muji at The Fort the other day and my manfriend says to me he wants to sit down and wants to have coffee upstairs. Upstairs meant the CBTL bar that was connected to The Beauty Bar. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything makeup related that day, I swear, but oh well you know the drill. I eventually landed in the little ‘sale’ counter they had and was surprised to find Smashbox items on there. So I got this:

DW-DSCN3231The Smashbox Photo Op Eyen Enhancing Palette comes in variants with shades specifically chosen for either blue eyes, hazel eyes or brown eyes. I obviously don’t have blue eyes, but this palette just called out to me more than the other palette variants. I’ll wear what I want on my eyes, dammit!

Now the newer version of this palette comes with a double sided brush, its shadows in rectangular pans.  This one I got on sale, was of course the older version, with circle eyeshadow pans and is sans brush. I also believe that Smashbox has revised its animal testing policies since the last version of the palette, so I’m happy to know I currently have the cruelty-free version of this palette. (Please let me know though if I’m wrong about Smashbox’s current animal testing protocols.)

DW-DSCN3234If my memory serves me well, I’ve swatched this palette quite a number of times before but could not fathom spending Php2k+ on a palette when I could very well resort to a more affordable Stila palette, or even better a Wet and Wild one. Now that it’s on sale though and has gone down to Stila price levels, I’m all good.

DW-DSCN3237The palette is very sturdy and comes in a flat black case–flat but not heavily matte like Nars packaging, which I feel can get dirty very easily. This ‘flat-ness’ is just right. I love the size, weight and feel of it; I feel like this will be perfect for travel!

DW-DSCN3240Inside is a big mirror and I love that. The shades are categorized two ways. The upper half are touted the ‘Soft Trio‘, which are the recommended shades for daytime looks despite being quite sultry, I’d say. The bottom three consist the ‘Smoky Trio‘, which well will help one achieve a more earthy version of the smokey eye which I quite like so much. Of course this palette gets even better when you play around with the colors.

DW-DSCN3262The first three shades from the left constitute the ‘Soft Trio’. ‘Pewter’, my favorite in the palette so far is a grey silver shimmery shade. ‘Shell’ is my second favorite, it is a peachy champagne-y shade.  ‘Cream’ is a shimmery ivory shade. The soft trio shades are all shimmery while the ‘Smoky Trio’ are matte except for ‘Mocha’ which is a deep chocolate brown with a sheen to it. ‘Sable’ is a matte brown with warm undertones, and finally, ‘Custard’ is a matte peach.

What perhaps drew me to this palette more was that it had a good balance of matte and shimmery shades. I felt like the palette for brown eyes had more shimmery shades than matte although I must say I was so fond of the ‘Bark’ shade that was on there.  I wasn’t too drawn into the palette for hazel eyes for some reason.


This palette for Blue eyes feels like the extended version of Wet n Wild’s Walking on Eggshells trio, a trio that I’ve loved and used  for so long now. These shades are great for everyday wear and dare I say, must-have shades in your collection. Or even if you aren’t collecting, if you’re just starting to get into this whole makeup thing, these are the shades one must have. I’m actually not saying this palette per se (because you will certainly find dupes of these shades I think), but the shades in this palette are just perfect to have. I feel like they sort of got the whole ‘Blue eyes’ thing wrong; the shades in this palette are easy, wearable shades that will suit just about most eye shades and skin tones.  I already know that this will be my most used palette.

The shadows feel very velvety and rich; pigmentation is lovely. (Please note that the swatches above are sans primer!) Mocha, the darkest shade has the most tendency to be slightly powdery but you can defeat that by tapping the excess off of your brush before application.  I find that they last a good deal on my eyes; this has lasted me after 4 and 1/2 hours of tattooing then a little drinky session after.

This is a beautiful, timeless palette to have although I feel like it feels even better when you get it at sale price.


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