A review: Nyx Black Label Lipstick in 167 Natural

DW-DSCN3136I’ll try to keep this as concise as I can. The Nyx Black Label Lipstick in 167 Natural, Php 490 at SM Beauty sections (I’m assuming you can get it cheaper online), is the perfect combination of the best nude and MLBB shade for me. I have naturally horridly pale lips, which is why I never really went for the usual nudes, they reminded me so much of how sickly I’d look if I didn’t have anything on my lips.  I’d always go for something peachy or a bit pinky as nudes. Either that or I’d always go with a bright bold lip. But isn’t that weird, where is the line between a nude lipstick and a MLBB shade? Well apparently this shade ties those categories both for me.


DW-DSCN3146It’s a little brown-y, a little mauve-y, I also detect a slight hint of coral in there. Creamy in the right kind of way, with a bit of sheen on the lips.

It is a creamy little baby, this one. It does transfer onto mugs or boyfriends (haha) but I find that it doesn’t transfer in a way that obliterates all color from your lips. If anything, I think it fades into evenness. But truth is, I find that it is long wearing for a creamy lipstick. I’ve seen it stay on despite a heavy dinner or a cup of coffee or two. It’s weird how it does that, transfer onto mugs and forks and spoons, yet retain color on my lips.

I detect a faint floral scent on the tube, but please correct me if I’m wrong! I’ve been trying to cure colds the past few days. I actually quite like how it smells. And don’t worry it isn’t overpowering nor does it linger a long time.

DW-DSCN3142I’m not too in love with how the packaging looks like though, as with most of Nyx’s products. It’s sort of like this glitzy gunmetal grey with black lace detail I’m not too crazy about. The redeeming factor is the bottom part of the tube that reveals the exact color of the lipstick.

In the end though, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LIPSTICK. I have been wearing this nonstop since I got it, as you will see in some pictures below.  It’s an absolutely comfortable thing to wear and lasts a good deal and I’m just in love with the shade.

DW-DSCN3167These are my ‘I-refuse-to-look-sick” looks, haha. I still look really sick though, pardon the eyebags. (As you can see I absolutely love grey as well.) But as you can see I look quite happy with this lippy.

I think this is starting to be an HG nude/MLBB shade for me and I will definitely be repurchasing this–or maybe I should get a backup already. Still, the Black Label line has a loooot of gorgeous shades I swatched and I must go back for more. Have you tried this lipstick or other colors from this line? How did it fare with you?


Nyx is cruelty-free.



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