Some things.



Hello! So Cutieverse sent me some stuff over last week, and it arrived just as I finished tattooing a client–talk about good timing! This store is way up my alley–they sell organic and a couple of vegan products like these Merry Hempsters products. Now, I’m one to always support anything made of hemp–from textiles to lip balms to medicine. I’m so happy they sent these over to me. There’s the Vegan Tattoo Soft Salve, which you can use immediately after being tattooed which smells really good, if you’re into herby scents. They also sent a huge stick of Hemp tattoo balm with SPF 15; this one I need! One must always protect his or her tattoo/s.

Before I left I managed to grab a Nyx Black Label lipstick in Natural at SM Makati (yay so near me now!). I absolutely have been loving this lipstick and it’s all I’ve been wearing on my lips since I got it.


Okay, so I met up with my mom at the airport and she just got back from Korea. I gave her a looong list of what I needed/wanted from 3CE but turns out she couldn’t find the Style Nanda store huhu. She got a couple of things for me anyway. 🙂 I got an Innisfree liptint and a couple of masks–when I asked her how she singled out Innisfree and that I was glad, because Innisfree is cruelty-free, she went, “Well I just bought from them because they had a funny name: Inis-free! Haha!” -__-

“Inis”, in Tagalog by the way, means annoyed.

I also got a Skin79 BB Cream and a cute little baby hand cream. I got more Korean chocolates than I did makeup though, but I’m not complaning! Thanks Mama!


From the airport I felt my throat getting really sore and I had–guess what–dysmenorrhea on my first day in Kota Kinabalu. Suffice to say I couldn’t really move around. The second day I got a fever while shopping for clothes.  All I managed to buy, beauty-related anyway, were two things from Sasa. (Sasa! Why don’t you come to the Philippines?!) It was the day before our flight back and despite weak knees, I dragged myself to a Sasa branch that was near my hotel. Their Sasa was not as complete as the HK ones, but I felt like their perfumes were priced a bit cheaper than other stores. I managed to finally get my hands on the Bulgari Jasmin Noir L’eau Exquise EDT–only the smaller bottle though–which I have been checking out for a very long time at Rustan’s.

Problem is, while sniffing out their testers, I have been smitten with another perfume, which I have to get my hands on possibly soon. We’ll see. That other perfume is Versace Yellow Diamond.

Anyway, the purchase of the perfume gave me points or rebates or something and I was able to get the Cyber Colors Eye Makeup Remover for half the price, yay! I love this makeup remover.

DW-DSCN3130So there, I left KK with just that and a couple of dresses. How’s the weather treating you?


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