Link Love: Pixiwoo galore!

I was going to do a quick post of newly acquired stuff but quickly found out that I wasn’t too well to do so. I went to Kota Kinabalu a couple of days ago and didn’t get to enjoy it! I caught a fever and sore throat when I was there–the fever still lingering and the sore throat replaced by annoying colds. The only two people who have been keeping me company the whole day are the Pixiwoo sisters and their videos.  Here are what I’ve been loving.

I’m bound to do my mom’s makeup for an event this December, and I’m thinking maybe this look would best suit the occasion, as well as something she’d be into.

Quite a number of eyebrow looks in this one!

HD Brows! First time I’ve heard of this! Would you know if this is offered here in the PH already?


That’s about it! I just need more water, possibly more Berocca and more sleep, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow!




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