The Goody Bag

Hi loves, I cannot even begin to imagine what people who have been affected by Typhoon Yolanda must be feeling, thinking. All I can ever really do is to try to help, in every little way I can. A couple of days ago, I compiled a number of ways you can help them wherever you are in the world at my other blog.

I also collaborated with the ladies of Channel Good and we came up with The Goody Bag.

Goody-Bags-01100% of our sales will go directly to the list of families we’ve aggregated from NGOs and local government officials.  We will, of course, update all GoodBag supporters via email of who the families are and how many families we’ve helped. To preorder, please email us at or just message me here, I will gladly coordinate orders here. 🙂 Every little help is a good thing!  Here are the 5 designs you can choose from:


I think they’d make great Christmas presents, seriously made with love!


8 thoughts on “The Goody Bag

    • Hello, we currently have 5 designs because this was a project that had to be materialized as quick as possible–we did what we can for the time being, with much love from our hearts and no intentions for excluding anyone. 🙂 I hope you understand that, and spread whatever help we can nalang in however way we can. Now that we’ve produced the first batch though, I am coming up with designs that includes Bohol, amongst others.

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