October Favorites!

While October was not as busy as September, I feel like it went by faster! It’s November alreadyyyyy????? Here were my favorites for last month!


1. Acca Kappa’s Muschio Bianco Acqua di Colonia. This smells incredibly crisp and clean–unisex, too! To be honest I really wanted to go with something floral this season but it was so hard to find a new floral scent to love when I am so drawn to this one. It stays on a loooong time, too, longer than the other perfumes I have with me here (I have Clean, Fresh and Demeter scents with me now). I wonder if this line has something floral…would you know?


2. The Farm’s Yoga Bomb is a lemon-y smelling balm that moisturizes whatever you want to moisturize, except maybe don’t use this on your face. I like that it’s very handy and with a scent that’s not offensively strong. I just like keeping something that’ll moisturize my elbows (high priority for this one! I hate having dry elbows!) or my knees or whatever in my bag.


3. Nyx Retractable Eye Liner in Silky Cashmere. I chose this one over the Jumbo Eye Pencil version because those are a pain to sharpen (or maybe I’m just lazy). I looove loove looove this shade though! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, from lazy days to days where I want to “doll” things up. I use this as both an eyeshadow and eyeliner on my lower waterline.


4. Yadah Oh My Sunblock. I’ve talked about this, yeah? The review is right here, if you didn’t read it! I suspect I might have to get the full size one soon.DW-DSCN2963

5. Tony Moly 7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow + Mikyajy Desirable Baked Matte Eyeshadow in Brown Canyon = my favorite daily eyebrow combo lately. It’s easy and I’m loving the fuller form I create with these two.


6. Ever since I saw this look, I went into a lilac/purple obsession, which is a new thing for me! I never was into purple before. Consider me a changed woman.


7. Make Matte Lipstick in Putty from the New Medieval Palette. I’ve been using this almost everyday, as an actual lipstick this time! I’ve been using this palette’s lip colors as blushers the past few months. I just realized last month how much I love this Putty color, which turns out to be an actual MLBB shade for me! It lasts a whole lot on my lips, too, even after eating and drinking.


And a new thing!

November Predictions: I suspect I will be wearing a lot of nudes on my lips if not, deep rosey reds. Oh and dark full brows.


What have you been loving lately? And what are the new looks you think you’re gonna be obsessed with?


4 thoughts on “October Favorites!

  1. Love Acca Kappa too, but the effect on me is quite the opposite. The fragrance doesn’t linger at all. Decided not to buy it, but I sometimes borrow my mom’s bottle. 😦

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