Just in, Just out : New stuff and empties.

DW-DSCN2917I finally purchased the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay at Healthy Options–I’m a sucker for anything ancient civilizations claim as their secret (note that I also love the Egyptian Magic Cream, and I am also a diehard fan of that Ancient Aliens TV show).  I’ve used it twice and I’m loving it so far.

I also got my first Nyx Powder Blush, in a shade called ‘Pinky’ (which is also my pig Pinkerton’s nickname), but to be honest I was choosing between this and another shade called ‘Bourgeois Pig’, which may suit references to my little piglet as well.  While in the Nyx section, I got their Retractable Eyeliner in a beautiful shade called ‘Silky Cashmere’. I chose this over their jumbo eye crayon (in the same shade) because I hate sharpening those. It’s a really beautiful shade, I’ve been wearing it a lot lately as an eyeshadow and as a liner.

I’ve had the Acca Kappa Muschio Blanco cologne for awhile not but it was never technically mine. The manfriend got it as a present last Christmas but was never into the scent but I am! I finally asked him to technically give it to me. Haha. I love love love this. It’s the longest lasting scent I have in my perfume arsenal, even though it is technically a cologne.

For some weird reason, I was drawn to The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Lip Nectar–which was on sale for only Php 325 by the way.  It’s not something I’d normally go for–it’s a translucent very shiny gloss with tiny gold specks in it. It doesn’t even smell like honey! (I’m obsessed with honey by the way) I tried it on again as I type this and uggghhh it feels very sticky and uncomfortable—why did I buy thiiiis. I’ll give it one more try though, I’ll try to layer this on top of a suitable lipstick, maybe that’ll do. Wish me luck.

And then, I ran out of my favorite drugstore facial scrub, St. Ives Green Tea scrub but couldn’t purchase any more because, gasp, the tube doesn’t say it isn’t tested on animals anymore. But then a curious thing about St. Ives–apparently some formulations still aren’t tested on animals! This Apricot Scrub for Timeless Skin isn’t tested on animals, as well as another Apricot variety. I wonder why the Green tea one is.


DW-DSCN2920The manfriend seemed to have thrown out the St. Ives Green Tea scrub mentioned earlier but it appears that I have yet another St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub to be thrown out. My Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub went past its expiration date so I guess I’ve have to let it go, too. (Although I’ll probably recycle the glass jar!) I’ve also been loving the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair–this smells like cocoa and vanilla, you guys. I loooove how it smells. The Human Heart Nature bottle Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile is empty as well (actually I have two empty bottles now). Oh and this Zenutrients Epsom Salt Body Scrub and Detoxifier in Cotton bud, which I actually really loved. I love the smell (it reminds me of Victoria’s Secret Cologne in Sea Island Cotton which reminds me a nice trip I took with some friends a couple of years ago…*snaps back to reality*) and I love how rejuvenating it felt. I just wish it had better packaging though, or at least a waterproof sticker label! These paper stickers won’t last long in the shower.


What have you been loving lately?


4 thoughts on “Just in, Just out : New stuff and empties.

    • The Apricot ones have bigger scrubs and maybe then tend to be more abrasive than the green tea ones–those green tea ones are perfect! Those have tiny beads and just right for the face. Unfortunately those are being tested on animals na, I don’t know why. But the Apricot ones are good, I’ve been using it since high school, I guess it’s just a matter of not scrubbing too hard on your face. 🙂

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