Strange delights, lilac wine.

I found myself in quite a lilac/purple binge recently, and to my despair I only had two purple shades at hand (certainly we need more from this color family!), both of which aren’t exactly the kind of purple the look needed (Rosette from Stila’s In the Garden Palette which, ok, I’ll be using for the look and Purple Sage from Make Colour, which I won’t use for the look). I remembered being quite fond of a Nyx Eyeshadow Pencil I saw at SM Aura a couple of weeks back, I can’t remember if it was Lavender or Oyster, and I can’t remember why I didn’t get those.  So I went to the mall nearest me to find those two eyeshadow pencils but I couldn’t.  I got smitten with two ArtDeco eyeshadows though.

Meet Artdeco Duochrome eyeshadow in 285 Lilac Passion Flower, and an eyeshadow color in Pearl 87.

DW-DSCN2405To be quite honest, I’m a bit more stoked on the 285 duochrome shadow–I promise you it’s a much more complicated (yet elegant) shade in person than it is in photographs.  If you look at the little pan closely, you’ll see that it isn’t just a flat out color, compared to the number 87 one–there is much more dimension to it.

285, however, is a bitch to photograph. 87 was much more behaved in photos. I had to tweak my lighting sources (i.e. curtains, ISOs and a bit of photoshop) to make it look at least like how it is in real life. I don’t think I succeeded though.  So here are the swatches which I tried to manipulate to the best of my abilities, to simulate what it looks like in real life.


87 is a very pale violet, leaning towards the pinker side than the other shade. When swatched very lightly, it can even pass as a very light pink.

285 is a beautiful lilac shade, with hints of pink and specks of gold–which I didn’t quite capture in the photo above.  I love that it is buildable–it can go on quite sheer if you want it to, very elegant, just a whisper of color.  Its pigmentation can also be built up if you want it to, and I feel like people are always going to wonder (in a good way) what eyeshadow you have on.

I’m certainly turned on by this whole duochrome deal–you can use them as is or on top of any other eyeshadow, giving those more depth, more complexity.

Anyway, here are the eyeshadows used (and poorly photographed, as usual):


DW-DSCN2467Here’s my take on the ‘Purple Smokey Eye’ look using the 285, blended with Make’s Purple Shade eyeshadow and Rosette from Stila’s In The Garden palette–I took the crappiest photo of it, I think you barely see what I’ve done here, but that’s all I have.  Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job on it, if seen in person (it looks so faint here!).  I was in a rush here, almost late for a movie premiere thing, only to realize the manfriend and I went to the wrong mall. D’oh! We had good Chinese dinner instead.

DW-DSCN2476Here’s a ‘sweeter’ look, using only the number 87 shade with some black liquid eyeliner–this was the day I saw Pinkerton for the first time, and took her home with me.

Despite the photographs though, I am seriously loving these eyeshadows.  I love them worn alone or mixed with other shadows.  I’m also liking this new found love for anything lilac/purple–I never went through a purple phase before!


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