Freshly hauled.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up from a really good sleep, drink a really good cup of coffee (I have peaberry coffee with me!), take your dog outside for her morning walk, the sun is out but there’s a cool breeze, and when you get back home, a package awaits by the doorstep. Oh and the night before, you found some free time to check out makeup counters. That was my yesterday, and that was my morning. Therefore, a quick little haul.

DW-DSCN2393You see a Zalora box there–I ordered yesterday afternoon and it arrived just this morning, yay! You see Muji, and a little paperbag from Beauty Bar.

First, the heftier contents of the big box: shoes from a brand called ‘Vida’–with a Little Pony logo on the shoebox…I’m confused. But still, I love the shoes!



And now, the beauty products! (Not much actually)

DW-DSCN24001. A new brand I was surprised to see at Beauty Bar–Yadah. Very affordable, guys! I don’t even know why I bought the smaller version, but I got this wee baby tube of sunblock for Php225 or something. (P.s. I swatched their BB creams and I think I like them! Definitely going back for more from this brand.)

2. Two eyeshadows from ArtDeco, both in the violet family.

3. A Virginia Olsen sculpting brush which I am very excited to use.

4. Light Toning Water in Moist from Muji.

Have you tried any of these? Or from Yadah actually? I’m very curious about the brand–its price point is keeping me intrigued!



10 thoughts on “Freshly hauled.

  1. I saw Yadah the other day! The lip pencil lipsticks look promising! And for only 175! Still on my makeup no-buy though. I probably would have bought all 5 colours if I could have. :((

    • Interesting no? I wanted to get those lip pencil things rin but I’ve been buying too many lip products lately hahaha. (But to be honest, I was planning on taking a quick trip to beauty bar tomorrow hahahaha!) I applaud your courage! A makeup no-buy! Huhu

  2. I have been seeing Yadah at Beauty Bar, but no testers! I thought I’d scrimp now and buy TCFS instead..not fair I know. 😐 Hm purple..doing the Karla Deras look, yes?

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