On tattoos.

Hi loves, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while–last week was crazy! I hung out at my mentor’s booth at the tattoo convention we had here last Friday and Saturday, tattooed a bit too–actually I had so much fun tattooing the pieces on my clients, they were all up my alley!


So anyway, I was thinking that maybe as a tattooer and a part-time beauty blogger, that it’s probably a duty I’d like to take, to share with you my most recommended tattoo aftercare tips, just in case you’re planning on getting one sometime or wondering how to preserve colors of your existing tattoos. So here you go!

1. After the actual tattooing process, your tattoo artist will ‘coat’ your fresh tattoo with some petroleum jelly and wrap it with cling wrap (this is most preferable, some wrap with tissue but I don’t recommend it, it sticks to your new wound and will be annoying as hell).

2. If you still have plans (I applaud your energy) after the tattoo session, keep the tattoo under wraps (literally) and don’t let friends touch the new tattoo (hands have bacteria, and you have a fresh wound)! Just make sure not to keep the wrap on for more than 6 hours.  If you are, however, going straight home after the session, you can remove the wrap immediately.

3. Bathe and gently remove the excess ink and blood that inevitably comes off the new tattoo under the shower.  Do not put it directly under the water! Be very, very gentle. Use mild, unscented soap.

4. After bathing, gently pat your new tattoo dry with a clean table napkin and apply a pea-sized amount of aftercare ointment–I usually provide my clients with Vit. A & D ointment.  Other tattooers use Bacitracin, which is very good too.  Do not use just petroleum jelly, or vandol! These blur your tattoo.

5. I usually recommend that my clients apply, I repeat, only a pea-sized amount of Vit. A & D ointment for 3-5 days, depending on how big the tattoo is.  Once in the morning, before going to work, and one at night, before going to sleep. It is important to put only a thin layer of the product so that it is moisturized, but not intensely so (overmoisturizing the tattoo will delay the healing process).

6. The tattoo will scab and get itchy, you must never ever scratch or pick at it it! Pat, pat, pat the itch down.

7. After the scabs, the best way moisturize your tattoo with almost everyday products is Cocoa Butter Lotion or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! I find that these help retain the vibrancy of colors.  If you’re a tattoo collector, I find that it is also good to invest in an actual tattoo aftercare product. I recommend After Inked, which is vegan and cruelty-free!


7. Do not go swimming two to three weeks after getting a tattoo. Chlorinated water, salt water and the sun must be avoided–they bleach your tattoo and you will end up with a very faint tattoo.

8. Even after the tattoo is healed, always try to double SPF protection on your tattoo/s.


So there. Just wanted to share those, just in case you needed some help with that but got sidetracked and checked out beauty blogs instead, haha!



4 thoughts on “On tattoos.

  1. wow! I plan to get a tattoo with geometric/watercolor designs. Where can I see some of your works? Can I find other tat related articles here in your blog? 🙂 Thanks! Bonita

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