My hundredth post: How I clean my brushes, the DIY way!


Woohoo, my hundredth post! Who knew. I wanted to celebrate this occasion by, well, cleaning my brushes. I ran out of makeup brush cleaner last month and never got around to buying a new one. This is how I clean my brush, DIY-style, loosely based on a tutorial by the lovely FromHeadtoToe.

It all starts with this:

DW-DSCN2159A concoction of the following: a couple drops of dishwashing liquid OR your favorite handsoap + a scented oil you would/could use on your face. This time I used the basic Axion dishwashing liquid and for oil, I used The Body Shop Chocolate Oil.Ā  The dishwashing liquid/handsoap sanitizes the brushes and lathers it up for a beautiful rinse; the purpose of the oil is to get deep into the makeup, it helps ‘glide’ out the hard-to-remove bits.

I always have a little tub of the concoction, a plate and a towel.

1. Rinse the brush under lukewarm water.

2.Ā  Dip the brush/es onto the tub of the concoction and swivel it onto the plate. Rinse, swivel, until the froth becomes clear of excess makeup.

3. Rinse the brush with water again then gently wipe onto towel.

4. I roll another towel to a tube, then position the brush/es halfway, brush side down.

Hope this helps you out in case of DIY emergencies!


6 thoughts on “My hundredth post: How I clean my brushes, the DIY way!

  1. I use clarifying shampoo on my synthetic brushes.however it takes a good wash to get them really clean. Not like natural hair brushes. I will putting oil in it,can i use a dab of olive.

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