Random Favorites!


I thought that I’d mix things up by doing a random favorites post—just because I’ve been loving a lot of things lately, and also because I have very low EQ and can’t wait for my September favorites post. Haha. So in this list I have a couple of non-beauty related items, too and I want to start with those, and those that aren’t in the photo!


1. On The Job (OTJ) by Erik Matti. This movie just about blew my mind away! A movie that just makes you think about how things are–in the government, in urban areas, how all these things work out without most of us ever really knowing.  Most of all, I’m just really glad to watch another really beautiful, superb Filipino film, top-notch calibre, my friends! If you haven’t seen it, please do!

2. I also got to watch This is the End the other day and my mind was blown in a very non-cerebral way, the exact opposite of the effect of OTJ. Haha. This is a literal LOL moment, methinks.  If you like Judd Apatow movies then this is way up there! But I do know some people who aren’t into his (stoner) humor, so if you’re one of them, I don’t know, give this a try? I don’t know. I’m a big fan of this group, so I’m rewatching this on Friday haha.

3.  Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet, because this is the red (and vegan, nonetheless) I’ve been looking for!

4. The Lotus brass necklace and the Lion butter dish (which I now use as a jewelry case) from L’Indochine (in SM Aura). I love that store! I really do! It’s my….soul store.

5. A new favorite (but not cruelty-free) lotion: Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cooling Gel Lotion because true to its name, it is cooling! On hot, humid Manila days, it can be annoying to put on lotions and body butters, but this one makes the whole process exciting. I suggest you get this if you live (or going on a vacation to) tropical countries! I like the smell, too–it smells…clean and unisex-y. Hmm. It’s been raining a lot the past few days though, but I like it still.

6. Below the bottle of lotion is Etude House’s Dot Show Liquid Eyeliner in black because it stays on like nobody’s business! And it’s proven easy to take off when you want it off! Best of all, I don’t think it  claims to be long-wearing and thus exceeds your expectations of it.

7. I also have been using Marionnaud’s doubled edged spoolie and eyebrow brush every single day!

8. Make Colour’s New Medieval Palette, which I haven’t reviewed yet, I know, I’m sorry! But I’ve been using the matte lipsticks as cream blushers and eyeshadows!

9. My new spectacles, yay! They remind me of Woody Allen, for some reason.  I had the lenses fixed at Perez Optical, which is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 1.

10. I’ve also been reading The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux–slowly though, I’ve been reading it especially slowly because I don’t want to finish it just yet.  I yearn to be on a boat, a train, on a beach, in the mountains now.

11. Lucas Papaw Ointment, because it is a friend for all occasions.

12. I’ve rekindled with my Fresh Brown Sugar perfume, which I think goes well with rainy nights.

13. I love this Whale necklace I got at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar weeks ago! If you know me at all, you’ll have to know that I am obsessed with whales!


What have you been loving lately?




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