Whaaat it’s September???

It just really dawned on me, the fact that the holidays are almost here again, when a Christmas project of mine was cancelled by a client (boo). I wasn’t well prepared for the holidays last year. I crammed, in fact, I don’t even remember what I gave to family and friends at all. Wait, I don’t even think I found the time to buy presents for friends! It was amidst the holidays last year that I began this blog (woaaaah), and that kept me even more occupied (or absent-minded in the real world) from buying presents.

I always have a hard time thinking about what to give to the men in my life—my dad, my uncles, my boyfriend, my guy friends. But for the ladies in my life, I think I already have a pretty good idea, given that I do run a beauty blog after all: make up. This season, I think it’s a good idea to give them a nudge towards the world of cruelty-free makeup!

Possible gift options for my lolas (grandmas):

Egyptian Magic Cream–because I know that almost all grandmas love multipurpose and organic stuff. At least my two grandmas do! And I love this stuff, too, so why not spread the love!

VMV Hypoallergenics Know-it-Oil — very witty name, I love. My my mom’s mom will love this, I just know it. She has very sensitive skin and love slathering organic oils on her body. Honestly, maybe I’ll get one for myself, too.

For my mom:

Virginia Olsen Sculpting Brush–because I promised my mom I’d teach her how to contour. I haven’t tried this brush out yet, but it looks pretty awesome…just look at the shape and length of those bristles! I’d even like to paint with it. Oh and also if my mom turns out not liking this brush, then I can have it hahahaha.

VMV Re-everything Cream, because my mom’s always into anti-aging treatments, as I predict I also shall be in the future.

A Leyende set–any Leyende set, actually! I’ve been telling my mom about Leyende for a long time now. I love their products and the story behind the brand!

Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation, because I heard how awesome this was, and plus my mom’s not into liquid foundation at all.

The Charm Vegan Brush travel set–because my mom’s always traveling, always on the go and she’s always calling me from another side of the world. She needs this stuff.

For my aunt:

Graftobian Blush Pressed Powder, because regardless of whether you know your aunt’s taste or not, blush seems to be a safe choice.

My aunt is crazy over anything purple. CRAZZZZY.

Makeup organizer because I know she has a lot and I know that she’s waaaay too organized for her own good.

For my in-laws/cousins:

For the new mom:  They can use it and their babies, too!

For the cousin you’re pretty tight with: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick, because this stuff’s really good and I don’t know, I feel like this has a good vibe to it.

For the cousin you haven’t seen in forever, or who suddenly just showed up at the Christmas dinner: The Stila Lip Glaze Trio, beautiful when it comes in threes or even alone.  This is the perfect thing to have when you forget to buy something specific for someone hahaha. I always have cheat gift boxes, just in case.  My memory no longer serves me too well.

And I’m sorry I just had to browse something for me!

The VMV Vacation Kit: ‘Sure’ Leave Essentials. I actually need this as much as I want this! I have a couple of trips lined up and I need the whole sun protection deal. I love that this packaging is adorable, too!

Most of these are available at Zalora’s Christmas bazaar, if you want to skip the whole Christmas rush/traffic and all. I saw a list they had on gift suggestions for men and kids, too, so that’s another thing that’ll help us all. Sighhhh. Are you starting to freak out about the holidays like me?


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