Muses: Lips

I was thinking about it the other day, that each lipstick make me feel like a different version of me.  There are lipsticks that embolden me, some make me calmer, tamer, even. Some set me in a playful mood. Each lipstick has a character of its own.  Here are some of the “spirit muses” of some of my  lipsticks.

DW-HollyShiseido’s PK224 Sugar Babe makes me feel…calm and put-together. And I always feel like I have to dress better. Hmm.


Mac’s Lady Danger, true to its name, always brings out, let’s put it this way, a more playful side of me. I always feel bolder and more spontaneous with this one on.

DW-ClaireRevlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey always makes me feel comfortable, very low-maintenance and maybe even more dependable, as it is the most dependable shade to me.

DW-MICHELLEIf you haven’t read my review on this, I mentioned how this feels like a 70s kinda red–it feels very earthy and carefree.



When I put on Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet, I fee like I could just go on without a care the whole day worrying about other things than how I look. Very very perfect for a busy workday. That much, I know.DW-Irene

Covergirl’s Heavenly is unassumingly beautiful. I always feel very natural and serene with this on.DW-COREY2

Sleek’s Cherry lipstick reminds me sooo much of the 90s–the confusion, the angst! It’s a fun thing to wear though, especially if you’re into the whole 90s comeback that is creeping its way in. DW-RachelArt Deco’s Hydra Lipstick in Soft Coral makes me feel like I’m somewhere near the ocean…actually I bring this a lot with me when I go on beach trips.  It makes me feel fuss-free and a bit chill, but there’s always that glimmer that sort of says heyyy something fun’s about to happen.


Which characters do your lipsticks remind you of?


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