The last Lipstick Week Post! Unicorn Love: Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet

I got home from a very early meeting,starved by traffic, the other day. My mood was in impending danger until a package greeted me. My Velvetines just arrived!

This is my second Lime Crime product–the first one, a Candy Apple Carousel Gloss which I was rather disappointed with. I tried to stay away from Lime Crime since then.  Then I was quietly perusing facebook the other day and saw that The Balikbayan Box Sale, where I previously ordered from, finally had the Velvetines in stock. If you read the post linked above you’ll see that I have been quite curious about these Velvetines but was dissuaded by bad reviews.  Has its formula changed since then?  My current geeking out (read: I googled the hell out of this one) provided me nothing but good reviews about Velvetines this time.

I texted the shop owner, Cloe, and I got a prompt (and frankly, really nice and polite) reply. (The first time I ordered was actually a group order, so I never really got to talk to her.)  It was a pretty pleasant transaction: I deposited money to her account that very day, was able to send her details of the deposit the morning after and then my package was sent the following day. Quick, easy, problem-free. Oh and also, I scouted other local online stores and some sell Lime Crime products for waaaaaay more. Like 50% more! Weird.

So anyway.


DW-DSCN2037Lime Crime packaging is always damn cute. On the flap of the box, there is a sign that says ‘Velvetines’ Secrets Inside’. I was looking for a little paper thingie of some sort but when I peeped in, I saw words inside the box.  Half of my mind was telling me, no don’t destroy the box. The other half was like, you never keep the boxes anyway, go rip the box up! And then I figured maybe I was crazy, debating things like these, make-up crazy.

Anyway, the side of my mind that had a lower EQ ripped the box open and this unraveled.

DW-DSCN2075 Velvetines are a “long-wearing, kiss-proof lip stain that glides on with the ease of a gloss and dries to a mette, velvet finish.” I love that they give you a heads up: “Velvetines will stay put in just about any situation, but exposure to oily foods will require a touch-up!”

They only come in two colors for now: Suedeberry, a strawberry-red verging on coral, which I think will look amazing on darker skin tones, and Red Velvet, a blue-toned red, which I went for.  I read that a Pink shade will be added to this series sometime in the fall.

PACKAGING. I assumed the tube would be as tall as the Carousel Gloss, but it is shorter.  But look how cute they look together! I can’t wait to layer them together, so I can finally use that darn gloss.


The Velvetine comes with a well-marked Unicorn cap (I am in love with this detail) and a frosted tube. Its applicator is your standard doe-foot, which I appreciate more than the weird brush-type applicator that came with the Carousel Gloss. It is not, however, scented the same way the gloss was (which was sweet and biscuit-y, if that makes any sense). I foresee some people having problems with the scent but I personally don’t.  I can’t put my finger on it–the scent that is.


TEXTURE , CONSISTENCY, LONGEVITY. It goes on as thick as Stila’s Longwear Liquid Lip Color, which I absolutely love. It goes on a tad glossy upon application, but as you’ll see below, it dries to a really, really matte finish less than 5 minutes later. As matte as it is, I don’t think it’s drying at all–as long as you regularly exfoliate your lips and moisturize. I mean if your lips are suuuuper dry, then it’s best not to go for this, but if you think your lips are in pretty good condition, get this! Another thing: I wouldn’t really recommend putting on a balm beneath this because I felt that it affects the longevity and the “kissproof-ness” of the product.  If anything, maybe put a gloss on top! (I’m planning to do that with the Carousel Gloss!). This baby lasted me the whoooole day and night, with only minimal touch up required after I ate a really oily dinner.


PIGMENTATION & SHADE. I’d say this is a vivid, true red, and I see it looking really good on a variety of skin tones, from the mestizas to the morenas. I feel like this kind of red gives the impression of whiter teeth, too, so I’m all about that.  It’s very heavily pigmented, one swipe is all you need, really.

THE VERDICT. I THINK I FOUND MY NEW RED, GUYS! I think the Lime Crime Velvetines have everything I’ve been looking for in a new red: a good shade of red I’ll never get tired of, long-wearing, reasonably priced (got this for Php750), packaged well (meaning I can travel well with it) and best of all, cruelty-free/vegan! I am happy. 🙂


What do you think? Have you tried this out yet? 🙂







23 thoughts on “The last Lipstick Week Post! Unicorn Love: Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet

  1. Have you tried reapplying it when it’s come off with oily food? Does it still look okay?
    This is tempting me to try it haha

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  3. This looks really deadly pretty on you..ganda! 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this for quite a while as well, but, uh, I. cant. anymore. I have too many matte red lipsticks! 😐

  4. Looks amazing on you! Glad I read this!

    Found a couple of sellers on eBay, seems to be sold out everywhere else =(

    Just wanted to ask regarding the packaging. Does the boxed suedeberry lipstick come wrapped in the plastic film? Or just in the box?

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