An impossibly late Lipstick Week post number 6: The search for the new red.


Ha, I laugh at the fact that this is still part of the Lipstick Week series. I am the worst!

But anyway. Ever since I shifted towards supporting only cruelty-free products, I’ve been on the look out for my new go-to red. For the past few years, my go-to- red has always been Revlon’s Really Red. It’s a beautiful matte true red. I’d wear this and just this, not even concealer! As you can see below, this last tube has been overused and is now grimey–I left it inside the car under sweltering heat.


The first red I wanted to replace it with is Stila’s Longwear Liquid Color in Fiery but for some weird reason, I haven’t gone around to purchasing that. Then somewhere along the way, I tried out Sleek’s True Color Lipstick in Cherry, which was pretty ok but there was something about it that just didn’t make me swoon. This is another attempt.

Ladies and ladies, say hello to Make Colour’s Silk Cream Lipstick in Radicchio which is described as “an intense brick with red undertones”. It goes for $25 (or around Php 1,075) at the website. 33.3% of the sales go to foundations WeSeeBeauty establishes and/or helps. I had my shipment delivered via Johnny Air. (To read about that whole deal, click here. )

DW-DSCN2104Make does quite a number of lipsticks, all shades beautiful, I had a hard time choosing.  They have matte lipsticks, none of which are red.  The silk cream variants though has four reds: Tyrian (an intense berry red with brown undertone), Maraschino Cherry (a rich crimson red), Scarlet (a red with blue undertones) and this one. I had the haaaaardest time choosing which one to get.  I don’t know what propelled me to get Radicchio, but I did, I did!


PACKAGING. The tube is lovely–architectural, sleek, elegant. It has a nice weight to it. The bullet is geometric as well. I love that every detail is well thought of.

DW-DSCN1856DW-DSCN1863It could be our temperature, it could have been shook up pretty well during its flight to me, but the product is starting to be just as grimey as the Revlon one (the one I left in the car on a hot afternoon).

DW-DSCN2106It’s not as grimey as the Revlon one, but it still is, a bit. I haven’t even taken it with me anywhere! It sits in its throne, in my acrylic lipstick stand at home, all day, everyday.  I honestly suspect it just turned out this way due to shipping.  I saw how ‘melty’ it was turning out to be when I opened the package.

APPLICATION. It can be pretty tricky to put this on, especially if you’re new at this.  I suggest using a lip brush with this one; as beautiful as the geometric bullet is, it can be a bitch to put on. Especially if you’re in a hurry.

TEXTURE & CONSISTENCY. True to its variant classification, it is indeed a silky and creamy lipstick. It glides on your lips smoothly and although this is not in anyway a substitute for lip balm, it feels very very moisturizing.  If you blot upon application, then it will last around 2-3 hours, I believe, pending that you aren’t eating anything oily.  It isn’t transfer-resistant though!

PIGMENTATION & SHADE. It’s not the “reddest red”, it borders on quite a number of shades…from coral to brown. You can get overly complex about this, but hey it’s a red to me. A red-orange-ish. It isn’t the most in-your-face red out there, and that can either be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference.  It is a good thing in my book, also because it is buildable as I feel like it is a perfect blend between sheer and matte lipsticks–I can go from a softer look (by just dabbing the product on my lips with my fingers) to a more intense night look (by really building this up).  Below are swatches of the two lipsticks, applied lightly (to tell you the truth, my fingers caught quite a bit of the product by just holding the tubes because, as stated above, they can get quite grimey).

DW-DSCN2107Radicchio is an earthy red, I would say. It definitely reminds me of the 1970s Charlies Angels look–there’s a 1970 feel to the redness this one brings. I don’t even know if I make any sense.  But you see, there are reds that remind me of the 1950s, like Revlon’s Really Red and Fire & Ice, and even Mac’s Ruby Woo. Then are reds that remind me of the 90s, like Sleek’s Cherry or Mac’s Riri Woo.  But this one, this one feels like the 70s, and I like that, too.

DW-DSCN---THE VERDICT. I’m in like with it! I don’t think Radicchio is the one, just yet, but it’s too early too tell.  I certainly love the shade, the texture of it, but I can’t say I love applying it.  And just because of the ‘melty’ problems, I can’t exactly say I bring it with me everywhere I go, which I would’ve loved to do.

I wouldn’t say you MUST get this, but do so if you’re enjoying the shade as much as I am or if you want to support brands like WeSeeBeauty, that establishes and supports cooperatives. Or also if you love cruelty-free products! Having said that though, I’m certainly still going to order other stuff from Make Colour, especially if I can have someone squeeze it in their balikbayan box or something.


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