August Favorites!

DW-DSCN2053August has been pretty crazy–with all these typhoons coming in, and work, too! But I can’t complain about the latter actually, that is good.  So anyway,  here are my best friends for the month!

1. Make’s New Medieval Palette from the Faye Toogood Collection. The packaging, the cause, the colors!  I don’t want to go too in-depth about this product just yet because I have a whole review being drafted, so just you wait for that! My favorites from this eyeshadow/matte lipstick palette are: cast iron (a matte dark gray eyeshadow), putty (an MLBB matte lipstick shade) and magma (a matte orange lipstick).

2. Make Silk Lipstick in Radicchio.  Again, please wait for my review of this baby. Heehee!

3. Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm in Blueberry. Why just look at how cute it is! It also feels really comfortable on my lips and is pigmented well! I know some people shy away from lip products in pot form but I’m actually pretty ok with this form (I spray waaaaayyyy too much alcohol on my hands anyway,  what I actually need is some good hand cream). It also smells and tastes reallllly goood.

4. Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner.  This is the ‘normal’ version of this one (which I actually like more application-wise).  This Drawing Show Brush liner, however, has a much better staying power than the Dot Show version. I’ve done allnighters with this one–watched a (really sweaty) gig, danced, drank–and it stayed put!

5. Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium. Affordable and works really well. I think this was in last month’s favorite, too! And with good reason!

6. Lucas Papaw Ointment. I’m always one for multipurpose products–I love products that I can just stash in my bag and will never run out of purposes! I can take this with me to the beach, or to the mountains, or even to moisturize a new tattoo! Lately though, my lips have been acting up and I find that this is awesome to layer this on the lips before sleeping.  When I wake up I always have the softest lips ever. Honestly.  I exfoliate my lips regularly and always try to moisturize them, but my lips have never been as moisturized this good before!

7. Etude House Yogurt Wash-Off Masks.  They smell really creamy and I don’t know if it’s better than others masks but I really love the feel of these.


What products have you been loving this August?



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