Now I can get into this.

I’ve always been tempted to subscribe to those monthly beauty boxes but never gotten around to doing so…something always stopped me. Maybe I like the physicality of acquiring beauty products; I like to hold it, smell it, see in person if things will work out. But there’s this new non-beauty related subscription box that’s luring me in, it’s called Not Another Bill. You can have the monthly surprise boxes delivered to you, or as a gift to friends or family. How awesome is that.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that well-designed, well-crafted, well-illustrated things tug me heartstrings. Established by an art director and a copywriter, the founding idea behind this project is this:“No-one gets anything good in the post anymore apart from bills and a few pizza menu’s. So in exchange for a fee, I’d send my subscribers a surprise interesting package once a month to make them smile and brighten up their mailbox.”Isn’t that the most beautiful subscription box concept you’ve heard in a long time? The previous boxes have all been well-curated, of course, and drool-inducing to say at the very least.

Sigh. Ok. Will sign up now. Their international prices are well, sort of understandably pricier…like 50% pricier but that, I think is because shipping is a bitch.
Did these lovelies stoke you as much as it did me? Sigh. Let me know if you’re thinking of subscribing too!
Not Another Bill did not contact me, or pay me in any way to post this–I wish they did though. Contact meeeee, contact meeeee, contact meeeee—the power of positive thinking!

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