HG: lady loves

DW-DSCN1768I’m not the eyeshadow lady but out of all the eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, I’ve loved the formula of these shadows the most. I’ve had this so long now, it’s a shame I only found the time for a decent review of these just now.

I only have two, both of which I randomly purchased just because they were on sale.  They are regularly Php675 a piece but I got these at 200 something each. Do not fret though! I always see them on sale at Beautybar!

DW-DSCN1771This is Shameless Shana. She is coppery-brown and satin. Beautiful all over the lids, for just a wash of color. Also beautiful when paired with other shades, as a definer around the eye socket or so.

DW-DSCN1770All About Alex is a lovely, lovely moss green with grey/slate undertones. At first I was worried about the “wearability” of this shade but it turns out I love it more than Shameless Shana (sorry Shana). I love using this for a one-shade smoky eye look, if that makes sense at all. I pat the color all over my lids with my ring finger, then I dab in a pointed eyeshadow brush with the product on the contour of my eyes to redefine the color.  Then I apply it as my bottom eye liner. The easiest smokey eye look ever.

Both shades are buttery, easily blendable and most definitely buildable–you can go either sheer or heavy with these. Both can be worn dry or wet.

DW-DSCN1772Swatches with outside light on the left (curtains opened, photo shot 11am), and swatches with indirect light (curtains closed, shot the same time).  There’s Shameless Shana on the left area (leftmost without primer, right with primer) and All About Alex (leftmost without primer, right with primer).  I noticed that the eye primer I used (Essence I ❤ Stage Eyeshadow Base) slightly decreases the sheen of the eyeshadows–other primers don’t seem to do that.

I absolutely love the formula, the feel, the pigmentation of these eyeshadows. A must-have, if you ask me.

I will definitely have to get my hands on other shades–more so if they are on sale!

The Balm Cosmetics are cruelty-free.


3 thoughts on “HG: lady loves

    • I haven’t seen the palettes on sale, unfortunately! Haha I’ve been on the lookout for that, too! 🙂 But yeah, try them if you can! I heard lang that there are some shades that aren’t as buttery as most are, like the matte black one, I think. But most of them are just superb!

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