The CC Cream Curiosity

DW-DSCN0985The Price and the store. I finally got my hands on an affordable CC Cream–although I found about an online store called Kkochi Pida that sells this stuff for much cheaper the day after I bought this at SM! This retails for Php798 (I believe) in Watson’s and Etude House stores but I saw Kkochi Pida  sell it for almost half the price.

The Confusion. CC Creams are “Color Control Creams” or “Color Correcting Creams”.  They are refined BB creams minus the coverage, at least for Asian CC Creams (I’ve read about reviews on a couple of Western CC Creams that have good coverage).  BB Creams basically cover up the flaws that are already there, while CC creams prevent future damage. CC Creams, therefore, are skincare products more than they can be considered makeup. This particular CC Cream claims to have the following effects:

  • anti-aging stress relief
  • hydration whitening
  • sun protection tone-up
  • smooth texture luminosity

I think it’s important to understand what you’ll be getting out of CC creams before purchasing them. Do not buy this if you need/want coverage. Get a BB cream or a foundation for that.  You can, however, use this before putting on your preferred BB Cream or Foundation. Or if you’re into the whole “no makeup makeup” look, then this is most appropriate! I hope I helped in lessening the confusion.

Packaging. The packaging is pretty standard (your standard white tube, branding not extraordinary) except for its pump, which I think is perfect! The pump releases just the perfect amount for your face!

Glow vs. Silky.  Etude House CC Creams come in two variants: glow and silky.  The silky variant is mattifying, it was my original choice, given our humid weather and all. This variant is targeted for oily skin (I have combination skin). It felt lovely when I swatched it on the back of my hand, and I really did feel like it mattified the area.  It did, however, leave a pinkish/beige cast on my skin.  This is not for darker skin tones, for sure.

The whitish cast that the glow version gave off, on the other hand, subsided minutes after application.  True to its name, it did give a ‘glow’. While I still think this isn’t suited for darker skin tones, it is more forgiving to medium skin tones.



I dabbed a pea-size amount on top of eyeliner swatches, just to show you the coverage, or the lack of it, of CC Creams.


It can kinda freak you out, how it’s just white.


But don’t freak out, it totally blends into sheerness–you can see the eyeliner swatches again. And it does it leave a whitish cast the first few minutes, which freaked me out too, but then it fades, so whew!


And then brace yourself, because below is a photo of me without makeup and with the CC Cream on (the first time I tried it out actually)–but we just agreed that it isn’t really makeup, is it?

DW-DSCN0999No major difference, I agree. Very miniscule improvements–slight color correction under my eyes, lessened redness around my nose and cheeks. Very, very miniscule.  I was about to dismiss this as a MEHHH product, but then I decided to bring this with me to my Bali trip. I wore it every single day during the trip, since it had SPF properties and I didn’t want to be bothered with how I looked during the trip anyway.

One day, while doing a touristy selfie by a cliff (not safe, I know), I checked the photo and was surprised to see how my skin was doing mighty fine. Photo below is awkward, as usual, because I can’t take a proper selfie for the life of me and well, because I’m scared of heights.


DSCN1359But look! My skin actually looks nourished! This is sans concealer, sans blusher, sans powder (and sans combing haha). This photo was taken after walking under the sun, after a slight trek up the cliff and through the woods–I should’ve looked more haggard. Never mind the eyebags, but my skin looks plump and healthy, I think. And as you can see, the white cast that was on the swatch above is no longer there. It does improve skin conditions after repetitive use!

In Conclusion. I personally love this stuff now, but I don’t know if I’ll be recommending it for everyone just because I know that more than a few of you prefer products with more coverage than this, or coverage at all. I love it because it is exactly what I’m looking for–I do not require coverage most of the time, in fact I always want to seem like I don’t have face makeup on, and while this isn’t face makeup, it improves the condition of skin and makes me more comfortable just showing my skin off.

This is very low maintenance and all you need really with it is concealer. And maybe finish the look with mattifying powder (for people in humid countries like the PH) just because the humidity is bound to make you look extra ‘glowy’ (as in baka sobra ka namang glowy na haha). If you live anywhere much cooler, then I  don’t even think you have to finish this with powder at all. This is perfect for the no makeup makeup look, but if that doesn’t float your boat then you can put this on under BB cream or foundation, too!

I wear this every single time I go out now, either just it or under my BB cream and I must say I’m quite happy with the results. Let me know your thoughts!


12 thoughts on “The CC Cream Curiosity

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  2. Hi! I just found your blog, and I’m almost convinced to get this CC cream, but I was wondering if you think it would be suitable for oily skin?

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