Lipstick Week Episode 5: More than halfway through, a lookback.

Eight months into beauty blogging, I’ve posted quite a number of entries on lipsticks. For the 5th episode of Lipstick Week, and while, as you read this, I’ll be in beautiful Bali, I wanted to make a quick roundup of my previous lipstick-related posts that you may have missed!


  • Lip Things.  One of the first few posts I made for this blog! Yay. I’ve certainly amassed more lip products since posting this but a lot of them I still use a lot til now.

  • A long-time affair wherein I publicly declare my awesome relationship with Stila Longwear Liquid Lip Color and I think you should start a relationship with it, too!

  • And last and my favorite post on lipsticks: Pairings.


I’ve come to realize that I haven’t made good reviews/posts on my HG lipsticks! And I should probably do that before lipstick week ends. Eep!


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