Lipstick Week Episode 3: Lip Stains–Is this cheating?

Hi loves,

Is this cheating? I really want to talk about two lipstains I tried out recently, because I’ve been super busy  and all I wanted, makeup-wise, was to put on something on my lips that lasts that whole day. Of course I have my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains for that but honestly I want to find new options.

When I saw a Collection 2000 booth at the grocery nearest to me last month, I had to grab something. They didn’t have their much coveted concealers on stock, so I got their Colour Pout Lasting Lip Stain in Kiss. It was the most natural looking shade (and also, most of the other shades were already out of stock!) ALSO, I have always been obsessed by natural looking red/berry lips–is it weird to be obsessed with a teenage girl? If it is well, it is what it is but I am obsessed with Elle Fanning (dear universe, if I am to have a daughter someday, please let her look like Ellen Fanning). She always looks fresh and dewy and radiant and her lips–they always look naturally red! Not red carpet red, but just naturally red. I’ve always wanted to achieve that look, especially her look in Super 8.

What a beautiful baby girl.

Anyway, so I got the lipstain from Collection 2000, and days later, because I just wanted to amass more options of the same shade, I picked up the Styli Style Lipstain in 1413 Hudson at Beauty Bar.


Collection 2000’s Colour Pout in Kiss initially went on beautifully! I actually think that it did give me the effect I wanted (see peg above, the lips lang ha! Haha I can never be an Elle Fanning! Also, I’m too old haha.) It’s a deep natural looking berry-red, I believe. It went on watery, which I believe is good because lip stains can be very drying. The color seemed buildable but always looked natural.  However, an hour later I drank coffee and ate and my lips were left with nothing. NOTHING! It is, however, really easy to apply but the goal was to not apply any more makeup while I was busy working.

Styli Style’s Lip Stain in Hudson actually looks really similar to Kiss. It wasn’t as watery as Collection 2000’s, but it had better staying power. I also like the packaging, even if it is shorter than Collection 2000’s. It’s really handy, really easy to pop in your bag or your pants purse or whatever. And the packaging is much sturdier than the latter.

I’m only coming out with a review for these now because I really did want to test them out before letting you know how I felt about them. In between the initial uses of these lip stains, a couple of other lip products got in the way and of course I got sidetracked (and I’m coming out with reviews for those too). So here we are a month later. I took product photos and wanted to do swatches of the product to find out that both have almost completely dried out on me!


Styli Style Hudson on the left, Collection 2000 Kiss on the right.

If you see a bit of a swatch at all, it’s because I really tried to force some color onto my skin there. Collection 2000 had a bit more left, and perhaps because of its ‘watery’-ness. Styli Style’s is almost really dry, and what’s worse is, its felt tip crumbled onto the surface, leaving LIBAG-like crumbs or ok, maybe like eraser- crumbs? Eitherway, it’s gross. Imagine if that was on your lips!

The moral of this story is, as affordable as they are, look for other lipstains instead. I’ve actually read good reviews regarding these two lipstains, so you can imagine my disappointment. Is it me? What did I do wrong? Yes they looked pretty good upon application but these do not last at all…they have not stained my lips at all. And as you can see, a month after purchase, it is almost completely all gone. I say BOO.


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