Yay gifts! A mini review and then some.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend G just got back from Dubai and got me this (thanks G!):

DSCN0574Mikyajy Desirable Matte Baked Eyeshadow in Brown Canyon. This is my first encounter with Mikyajy, which apparently means ‘my makeup’. Products are sold around the Middle East only, I believe.ย  I tried googling whether or not this brand was CF, but there was no data on that topic, so I’m assuming this isn’t CF. The ingredients listed below aren’t the most ideal, either.


The eyeshadow comes in a sturdy golden plastic case though!

DSCN0581I think it would’ve looked better without this 22k graphic all over the lid though. ๐Ÿ™‚

DSCN0579I still like the packaging though!

DSCN0584The product is encased in a removable black plastic case–the gold case can thus be refilled pending that you find another product that can snugly fit in it. Canyon Brown is a deep chocolate brown, perfect for an earthier smokey eye and for eyebrows! It is highly pigmented, velvety and seems to have good lasting power. It does smell like laundry detergent, which does not deter me at all (I do have quite a number of perfumes that recreate laundry scents), although it might be a turn-off for some.


I’ve been using it on my eyebrows for the past few days, actually.DSCN0599

DSCN0598(My pre-haircut days! Mikyajy Eyeshadow in Canyon brown on my brows, Nyx Cream Blush in Bronze Goddess as my eyeshadow, ELF Contour Blush in St. Lucia on my cheeks and Art Deco Hydra Lip Color in 08.)

I think Brown Canyon suits my hair color well. ๐Ÿ™‚

AND THEN, my aunt got me a couple ofย  stuff from The Face Shop, which was really sweet of her! The Face Shop is not CF, though! Aww. But I am thankful for the presents! I’ve only gotten two things from The Face Shop before, both of which I didn’t necessarily like. The first one was a retractable eyeliner which did not have good lasting power and had poor pigmentation, and the other a set of really cute nail polishes.ย  They have the cutest selection of nail polish colors but then they sort of morphed into a tacky (literally) consistency and got really difficult to apply. Since then I haven’t really gone in their stores but these two new things look cute and promising!


DSCN0828DSCN0832I would never had picked out anything Blueberry for myself so this is a good thing. The real nature mask in Blueberry is supposed to “help regain skin softness and youthful impression”.ย  The I Love Pure Color Pure My Lips (that was a mouthful, pardon the pun) lip gloss is in Juicy Peach–a lovely milky color. Now I’m not one to use lip gloss–as a matter of fact, I try to stay away from it–but then again who knows, this may be my gateway gloss, that which opens the portal for gloss loving for me. I love the packaging and how the color looks on the bottle though!


In other news, since we’re on the Korean cosmetic topic (check out my last post too wherein I’m semi-obsessed with a Korean brand and Korean looks), it looks like more Korean brands are transitioning towards the Cruelty-Free World!!! YAAAAAYYYY! Amore Pacific, the company that owns makeup brands like Etude House (I am soooo happy! I missed them!!! Oh and they’re opening a Greenbelt store really soon, too.), Laneige (I love their Sleeping Pack Ex) and Innisfree has ended their animal testing May of this year! Check out the article here. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a good day, people, it’s a good day. *Note to self: update CF list!


4 thoughts on “Yay gifts! A mini review and then some.

  1. I love posts like this! I totally understand the missing a brand and then being able to welcome it back because it doesn’t use certain horrible ingredients, or because of CF issues. Really funny how these little things become joys in life that make a difference! ๐Ÿ™‚

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