I’m sort of really into: 3CE

3CE or 3 Concept Eyes is yet another ridiculously cute Korean or Japanese makeup brand–I say ‘OR’ because the info on their website isn’t exactly helpful. I can’t even find information on whether or not it is a cruelty free brand, sigh. It most probably isn’t…but I’m crossing my fingers, anyway.Β  Regardless of whether they are a CF brand, I am gushing over the art direction and styling of the countless looks they feature on their website! Checkkk those out! I am definitely stealing some ideas there.Β  Here are some of my favorites!

She’s soooo pretty! Girl cruuuush. Oh and I love the ombre lips, too! Very doable.

Gradient cheeks!!! Gaaah! Prettyyy.

Silver + earth toned eyeshadow + purple lips! Who would’ve thought.

I’m sort of bummed that this brand may be not CF, but then again I’m trying not to stress about it too much because I can just try to mimic these looks (the wearable ones, anyway) right?

You can order them from Stylenanda, a site I will be constantly perusing from now on. Have you tried anything from 3CE? Even better, do you know of possible good CF dupes of the lip lacquers? πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “I’m sort of really into: 3CE

  1. Oh my god, gradient blush! I have never thought of doing it like that, and it looks so good! I’m working on getting together an ombre lip tutorial with one of the MAC girls I work with- stay tuned if you’re interested!

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