Lipstick Week episode 2: Sleek’s True Color Lipstick in Cherry

I was on the search for a new  favorite and CF red lipstick–my longtime and current favorite is Revlon’s Really Red, which I have to breakup with as soon as my current tube runs out, for it being non-CF! I don’t know if I’ll be replacing that spot with Sleek’s True Color Lipstick though, but I am enjoying the search for my new favorite red.

Let’s talk about Sleek’s True Color Lipstick in Cherry. Their website claims these lippies to be “…a superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat. Can be applied using a lip brush for a professional finish. 3.5g”.  Cherry has a sheen finish; other lipsticks in the collection are matte.

DSCN0555Loyal to the brand’s name, the lipstick comes in a sleek tube–a baby lipstick tube, if you will. Packaging is matte black, which I fear may easily be scratched and isn’t the most dust-proof material, but it is only Php400.

DSCN0560DSCN0557DSCN0562Cherry is a deep, deep red and reminds me of the good ol’ 90s grunge days. It looks different when swatched and worn though. That being said, when worn, it looks different in person too. It looks ‘happier’ in photos but in person, I swear it really reminds me of the 90s! What I mean by that is, it is a lot deeper in person. The formulation of the lipstick is definitely creamy and highly pigmented. One swipe of the product delivers high color and it is, despite its high pigmentation, definitely buildable. You can definitely go goth on this one. In the photo I’ve blotted it and this reduced the intensity of the color–can I reiterate, you can go goth on this one! I think this has the potential of delivering a deep blood red color when built up. I wore this a couple of times to gigs (read: I drank a lot) and I must say it did have good lasting power. I must highlight, however, that I did blot the lipstick a couple of times and that always increases the staying power of most lipsticks.

DW-CherryI am quite satisfied with this one but I can’t say it’s a favorite, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t think it’s the best red shade for my skin tone? What do you think?  If you’re interested though, Sleek has a variety of shades from coral to pink to nudes to reds. I got this at The Ramp in Glorietta.  Have you tried other Sleek lip products? Did you like them? Those Pout Paints look interesting. This is my first Sleek lip product. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Lipstick Week episode 2: Sleek’s True Color Lipstick in Cherry

  1. I like this shade on you! 🙂 I wanted so much to love the Sleek lipsticks when I bought like 3 of them back then (haha talk about impulse buying), but sadly I didn’t like the texture. Kinda weird when I was putting them on. But I like the their Pout Paints. 🙂 It’s like OCC Lip Tars. Hope they come up with more colors though ’cause the ones they have are the super vibrant ones lang.

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