A quickie: a trip to Cash and Carry and May’s unfavorite!

Hello, I haven’t posted in soooo loooong because it has been hectic, but as always, hectic in a good way. I haven’t even had the chance to post May faves! I only have around 2 faves though, so I decided it was probably best to merge that with this month’s favorites, which is not the goal of this entry though.  I do, however, have one May unfavorite–my first unfavorite since I started this blog! So, I guess, before my quick haul, I want to highlight May’s unfavorite product:

DW-DSCN0554The Prestige Eyebrow pencil in Medium/Deep.  I got it at the Beauty Bar because my Maybelline one died on me and this one had a spoolie on the other end.  It went on too waxy–it clung to every little eyebrow and then I would have to comb it again.  It was messy, but I gave it a chance. Less than midway through the pencil though, I found a hollow area in the middle of the pen. I had to sharpen it for a long time before a decent stick/cone/what do you call it of the product came through.  A day and a half later, I found that I could no longer sharpen it to perfection. Every twist of the pencil created a shape like the one above. Boo.

So anyway. The haul! A baby haul, yet again because I spent this month’s budget on shoes, lovely shoes!

I know that Collection Cosmetics will officially launch on the 19th but I couldn’t wait.  I read somewhere (Facebook, probably) that they had a little booth at Cash and Carry Makati so I went there just this morning. The products were a little underwhelming, to be honest, but maybe because it was in this itsy bitsy little booth in the middle of Cash and Carry. I was hoping to finally get my hands on their Lasting Perfection Concealer but they didn’t have it in stock! 😦 I swatched their eyeshadows but I didn’t seem to like the packaging and was not impressed by the swatches. I got their Colour Pout lipstain in Kiss  for Php349. I can’t wait to check out  a much more decent Collection booth, possibly the one is SM Aura? Have you checked out that new mall?


And then there was an ELF counter beside the Collection Cosmetics booth. I got their Eyebrow Kit (Php249.75) in the darker shade.



I also got a dry brush! I can’t wait to scrub away the cellulite and stretch marks! I hope it works on me!


Oh and also these Wax strips I’ve never tried before. It comes in a lavender scent so that should be good. For some weird reason, my trusty Veet wax strips are nowhere to be found! I tried the Shopwise near my place and Watson’s and Robinson’s grocery for the regular sized ones and all they had were the face/armpit sizes.


I also remembered that a favorite day spa of mine (Nailaholics) has a branch in Cash and Carry, and that they carry the Argan Oil I love–it’s the real thing and it’s not too pricey! The full sized one (which I used for a year or so) costs Php1,200 and this smaller bottle is only Php600. This is a holy grail product. I always end up regretting not stocking up on these because they’re the best for my hair and skin and I don’t know how I manage to go on without it anymore. But seriously, they have the best price for Argan Oils locally. A lot of other Argan Oil brands (like the Souk’s for example) are overpriced for the size!


Talk to you soon!


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