The Good Girl’s Makeup Starter Kit: concealers, some tools and powder

I’m taking this step by step, according to how I put on my makeup, anyway. So! Second part of this Good Girl Makeup Starter Kit series is what comes after your tinted moisturizer/bb cream: concealers and setting powder for that.  To apply and set the concealer though, some tools may be needed.

Let’s start with Tools.

E.L.F. is a very good cruelty-free brand that comes up with really good and affordable tools, and they are readily available in most department stores in the PH! Honestly, I can’t see any cons here. Here are some tools you might want to initially invest in, at least from the ELF line:

A small stiple brush–because their regular sized stipple brush is a tad too soft for my liking. Use this for applying cream blushes, bb creams (if you want), and other liquid or cream products.

Flawless Concealer Brush–perfect for the purposes of this post. As the title suggests, this is for dotting on and feathering out your concealer. Otherwise, your ring finger is a good tool to do so.

Blush brush–for applying powder blushes! Or for therapeutic purposes. Weird unnecessary story: I like caressing my cheeks with this brush because it feels so…fluffy. Like a rabbit’s tail.

Angled Blush Brush–an alternative to the brush above, but it better with cream and liquid products more than the brush above does.

I also have a  favorite brush from Marionnaud, which is a brand easily available at Watson’s. It is their  N8 Pointed Eyeshadow Brush, photographed below from a previous post. I love that it is pointed, making it easier to maneuver.



This is for hiding under eye circles, zits, any redness—basically, this is what you need to mask anything on your face you deem to be unsightly.

I haven’t used Nyx concealers but I have heard a lot of good things about them. They have a number of concealer variations but basically here’s the deal. For under eye circles, I find it best to use moisturizing formulas (liquid more than cream…but if you find that your cream concealer doesn’t give you blending problems then all is well), so you won’t tend to tug your under eye skin. Also, peach tones generally work best for said area. Greenish tones generally conceal redness or zits. But we all have different skin types and tones, so  it really is a matter of testing things out for yourself in the long run.

Dab on the concealer on the area you want concealed with either you ring finger, a concealer brush (see list above) or an applicator that may come with your product. Dab it on the area lightly and do this repeatedly with gentle, feathery strokes until the product blends with your skin. Do not put product on heavily! It is best to put the product as minimally as possible and build it up as needed.

Good news, the concealer I’ve been using is apparently cruelty-free! I use Missha Perfect Concealer, available at Cinderella and at the Landmark Beauty Section.

It’s not officially open yet, but Collection is opening in the Philippines on June 19!!!! Excitttttttttinggg! (Thanks for letting me know, Ae.) Some of my favorite British vloggers have been raving about their concealers, Essiebutton and Fleur de Force in particular.   So…you might want to wait for that.


So after concealing, you will have to set the product with translucent loose powder so that it does not crease.  You will basically need to set it with a brush (see list above).  What you do is, dip/swirl the brush in some powder, tap the excess powder off a bit, and gently pat, not glide, the brush on the concealed area. Pat pat pat and you’re done.

I currently use the Essence Fix & Matte  Translucent Loose Powder for many reasons. First and most importantly, because it actually works really well. Second, because it is translucent–no need for you to worry about it matching your shade. Third, it is mattifying which we all need in the Philippines, I think. Fourth, it’s suuuuper available at Php259 and it’ll last you a long time.

Nyx also has a couple of powders:

To view the first part of this series, click here.


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