One of favorite local beauty bloggers, Ae of An Artechoke wrote a three part-series featuring her ultimate eyebrow guide (1, 2, 3), and with good reason too. She has eyebrows I envy.

Part 2 of her guide showed products and pegs, and just right there I must’ve slapped my forehead. Of course! Pegs! It seems simple enough but I never really thought of pegs! And so, right after reading her posts, I jumped over to Pinterest to check out brows I covet (and hopefully, in good time, I’ll get to replicate).

1. Rooney Mara. Subtle and suavely arched. The ultimate peg.

2. Baby Brooke Shields. I’d like to think I sort of had eyebrows like this when I was younger only less thick, but I may have overplucked (as was the fad) in college. Dammit.

That’s about all I really seriously loved, really. But I did find some looks I’ve been loving for the weather we have here (unbearably hot. Yesterday it ws 36 degrees celsius.) But just look at these looks (not eyebrows really, but the entirety of these looks)! I love!

I’ve also been boooooored with my hair, probably because I never really do anything with it, but I’ve been looking at new hairstyles too. I like bangs but I know from experience that I’ve never really maintained those well, because um, they require brushing/combing a lot and I don’t do that often. I’ve been looking at really short hair too but I’ve sort of exceeded my short hair phase from years ago. So basically I think what I need is something fuss free, something that doesn’t require much combing, haha. Maybe I’ll curl my hair. I’ve never been curly before. Or maybe I’ll have it colored. I don’t know. What do you think?

I’m pretty much into this photo above a lot. Hmmmm…

Any looks you’ve been wanting to try lately?


4 thoughts on “Pegs

  1. Yay, your pegs! That Rooney Mara photo..oh my god, perfection! (Pixiwoo has video tutorials on her, btw, browz and all) And I also have that exact same cover photo of Mila Kunis for a while now, thinking of copying her makeup! Anyway. I wish you luck with your brows, parang drawing lang yan, kayang kaya! 🙂 And PS. don’t bangs, I cut mine and it’s pesky-annoying in this heat, pfft! The long bob’s cute!! 🙂 xx

    • Ooh sige ill check out Pixiwoo’s vids, thanks! Haha was thinking of copying her makeup too! And her makeup sa Oz! Did you see that? Gorgeous makeup!

      Thanks hahahaha sana nga mareplicate ko, my blank areas ako e, sana they grow na hahaa.
      P.S. Yeah I was thinking that too about bangs. The long bob is really growing on me nga. 🙂

      • I think Pixiwoo has that Mila Kunis Oz makeup tutorial too! 😀 But I loved her [makeup] sa Friends with Benefits too.

        Just go over the blank areas with pencil, I know it feels weird but when you step back from the mirror it isnt all that obvious, really. Naku when I see you (anywhere) i’ll do your brows na talaga! Hehe 🙂

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