Little purchases as of late.


Honestly I always have these baby hauls and I keep doing them so frequently.  I am trying to mentally secure myself that no, I am not spending too much because I only buy few (and not to mention affordable) things at a time but I always find myself at the mall! Haha does that ever happen to you?

Oh well, but I think I needed these. Soooo…

IMG_20130424_102453_1While I do love my St Ives Green Tea scrub (by the way, if you love them too, get the older versions because those explicitly say they are not tested on animals. I’ve noticed that the new ones do no explicitly state this anymore. Hmm…), I needed a normal cleansing gel sans scrub. I’ve never tried Avalon Organics before so here it is.  It’s around 300 bucks or something but it is a big bottle (of recycled material).  I love how it smells! It smells like… the orange twin popsies! I love those, by the way. Perfect summer treat.  Anyway, the first few times I used it it was ok and it left my skin feeling really squeaky clean and citrusy. A weird thing happened yesterday though, it started to sting my face and my face was pink the whole day! Weird. I used it today and my skin’s fine though, so I don’t know what that whole deal was all about.

PhotoGrid_1366779174057_1I got the Superfine Eyeliner Pen from Essence for less than Php150! Awesome! Look at that felt tip end! It’s huge! I haven’t used it yet but the swatch I did would not budge, seriously. I soap and put alcohol on my hands quite frequently (thus my very dry hands) and it just sat there. I think this thing is hardcore.


PhotoGrid_1366779079818_1Also, something new: a glossy kind of lipstick! I never thought I’d see the day.  This is something extremely out of my comfort zone; I am not exactly a glossy lipstick kind of creature but here it is, the thing that converted me.  I swatched this a couple of times before at the Beauty Bar and I never seemed to have forgotten it and well, I caved in.  Art Deco’s Hydra Lip Color in number 08 with SPF15 is a coral-pink (although the photo shows the pinker side of it, it’s partly coral, too in real life!) that seems to be buildable.  I personally just like dabbing it on my lips instead of smearing it on like I would a normal lipstick.  I was under the impression that glossier lipsticks did not tend to last long but this is starting to prove me wrong.  Although it doesn’t claim to be long lasting, it remained on my lips after a meal or two.  Maybe it’s because I dab it on and not swipe it? Maybe.  Anyway, I’m really into this lip color and Art Deco is cruelty-free by the way! Oh and I got it for only Php450. Yay!

Have you tried other Art Deco lipsticks? Are they any good?


2 thoughts on “Little purchases as of late.

    • I swatched a hot pink lipstick and I think I might go back for it! And they have good nail polish colors rin no? Let me know if the eyeshadows are any good please! I love the color selections they have too. 🙂

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