Cruelty-Free options, part deux.

Ever since I posted this, I have been rather obsessed with researching more cruelty-free cosmetic brands. It feels good, this new pledge I have in my life, to steer clear from cruel, cruel brands. Now with vegan and CF cosmetics, I’ll feel really good, inside and out. And I hope I can spread good vibes to the world more! 🙂

So here’s the second batch of brands I researched on, and please feel free to add on in your comments below!  Again, I hope you find this useful!

1. The Balm, whose eyeshadows I simply love.  I ask you to please try their eyeshadows (Shady Lady eyeshadows!), they are creamy, if that makes sense, which is weird because they are powder eyeshadow! They also have lovely, lovely palettes. I’ve also heard really good things about their Mary-Luminizer! They are cruelty-free, but not vegan.

2. IT Cosmetics is a brand I always see online but I really don’t know if we have them here in the Philippines? Do we? Please let me know! I heard awesome things about their brushes and I’m very curious about a contouring kit they have.

3. Human Heart Nature is a rather new Filipino social enterprise that is affordable and is cruelty-free. Their products contain biodegradable ingredients and many of their products are 100% natural. The brand basically has all the elements I’d love to support.  They have mostly bath and body products, but they also have mineral make-up.  If you want to further research on what’s in their products, please do so here.

4. Flower Beauty, by one of my favorite celebrities ever, Drew Barrymore! I’m kinda sad they don’t sell it here, but does anyone plan to resell these things here, even just online like on FB or Multiply? (Or is anyone going to the states soon? Hehe) This brand was released just recently and already I’ve heard good things about their liquid foundation, their eyeshadows and lipsticks! This is a cruelty-free brand.

5. Tarte is a cruelty-free makeup and all their products, from the packaging to performance is ridiculously superb! They have a Vegan Collection and their Amazonian Clay line just makes me drool. Kinda pricey but if you have the budget, go foooor it! Their products are always formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phtalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances.

6. Sonia Kashuk is a cruelty-free brand that I haven’t tried because it isn’t available here (or is it? Please let me know!).  A couple of my favorite vloggers have raves about their concealers and eyeshadows so I want to test those out.

7. Jordana is a cruelty-free drugstore brand (not vegan though) that I have yet to try because some of my favorite vloggers (like Leighannsays) adore their eyeliners.

8. Milani is cruelty-free but not vegan.  I’ve seen and read good reviews on some of their powders and baked blushes and I heard that they are pretty affordable too!

9. Physician’s Formula is another cruelty-free drugstore brand. I’ve only tried their luminizers before, as they were pasalubongs from aunts, and I remember liking them but I was in college then and my memory is hazy.  A lot have raved about their bronzers and eyeshadows, too! Oh and their products are also hypoallergenic.

10. Inglot is a brand I’ve seen a lot (and raved about) online. They have the most interesting ‘freedom system’ and well everybody says they are pretty much awesome.  They are cruelty-free.

I hope we can add more to these lists! 🙂







11 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free options, part deux.

  1. Great list! 🙂 I would like to add: Everyday Minerals

    Their makeup brushes are the best both in quality and price. Unfortunately they no longer ship to the Philippines, so you’d need to find a roundabout way to get them (relatives, mail forwarding, etc.). Lucky for me, I stocked up before they limited their list of ship-to countries.

  2. love love love the Balm..and I am so happy they are coming out with new shades of foundation and concealer !
    hoping I can actually try their foundation now XP haha

  3. Any more Asian brands? Thanks for posting. I have seen all of those US brands at the drugstores but most interested in the human nature which is not here…

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