A long-time affair

stilaI feel silly posting about Stila’s Long Wear Liquid Lip Color now because well, it’s always been here with me.  For years now actually. I have the color Patina with me, a lovely mauve that looks beautifully different on so many skin tones.  I put this on my friend H months ago–she is tan and I envy her skin tone by the way–and it looked like an MLBB shade on her.  My mom put it on and it looked like an everyday pink on her.  On me it registers darker, which I prefer anyway, on the verge of being vampy but not so, as it remains perfect for day time wear.


Stila’s website claims these products to be “pigment-rich, creamy-matte, liquid lip colors that deliver intense moisture with bold, long-lasting color and stay in place for up to 6 hours of continuous wear…the texture is weightless on lips and delivers superb comfort and its color-rich formula will not bleed or transfer. enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil, stay all day™ liquid lipstick hydrates and softens the lips so they look and feel beautiful!”

This baby lasts a looooong time.  For day time I dab it on with my ring finger, so that it looks more natural (but not as long lasting as it should be).  For night wear, I apply it with a brush and it will last alllll night long, alcohol and dinner and kissing and all (and after kissing and you know how it goes heehee). Oh and remember to exfoliate before using this, too, or any other lip product for that matter. As a rule, always exfoliate and moisturize your lips! It’s not the most moisturizing formula, but it did not massively dry my lips.  If you do have dry, chapped lips in the first place though, it will of course show no matter how much product you put on.

What I love most about it though is the texture and scent.  It has a light vanilla scent, reminiscent of Mac lipsticks, and the formula is creamy and non-sticky.  After having this for a long time, I wanted to find a cheaper variety of liquid lipsticks, as this is Php1,250 I believe.  So I tried those Nyx lip cremes everybody has been raving about and I just about hated it (please don’t hate me!).  I gave it away actually. However, I bet if I didn’t have any idea how good the Stila Liquid Lip Colors were, I would’ve loved the Nyx ones. (Or maybe the one I bought was in bad condition? Does that happen with Nyx?) But anyway, I’m still open to more affordable substitutes!  I think I want to try the Revlon ones, if I see a color I like (any suggestions?).

Now I’m really interested in their Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, in these red shades (because I need another red in my life):

Fiery, a deep red.

Tesoro, an orangey-red.

Beso, a true red, which is I think what I’ll go for…but then again, you’ll never know.

Have you tried these? Any thoughts? 🙂


8 thoughts on “A long-time affair

  1. these are my favourite liquid lipsticks !! Amazing !!
    Just bought two new ones yesterday, haha
    I could rave all day about these, they are the best :):)

    • Also.. lol, I just recently purchased Tesoro…and orange red is definitely what it is..almost a tomato red
      I wish I had gotten Beso or Fiery…but oh well..next time

      It would look better on someone with a tan or darker skin…Im very fair, so sometimes i feel like the orangey/red makes me look clownish…lol

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