Yesterday. Ladies’ night out turned coed.

So yesterday a bunch of my female friends and I decided to have a much needed dinner out and drinks, too.  It was supposed to be a ladies’ night sort of thing but then some guy friends came over and all is well and fun. 🙂 Anyways, this is a “get ready with me” post pre-yesterday’s dinner. Weird sentence formation. Anyway. Let’s do this!

Photo on 4-4-13 at 2.51 PMStep 1. A newly cleansed, freshly moisturized face. I look awkward and weird. :p I love the St. Ives Green Tea Facial scrub, I am incredibly obsessed with it. For moisturizer I used Olay.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 2.52 PMStep 2. Primer. I used the Bourjois Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer which I absolutely love because it gives my skin the most awesome feel. Incidentally, I think the L’oreal Base Magique Primer could be a dupe—but that it just based from me trying them out in drugstores.  When I finish this pot I am definitely moving onto that one.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 2.55 PM #4Step 3. Foundation.  I think I may be getting too attached with my L’oreal True Match Liquid foundation because I haven’t really been using anything else, not even my bb cream (which I just gave to my mom by the way).  I like this lightweight foundation a lot. Incidentally, what’s a good affordable bb cream that’s good for medium skin tones? Is the L’Oreal one good? I want something to match my ‘summer skin’ hahaha aka I want something that’ll work even when I get tanner. :p

Photo on 4-4-13 at 2.57 PMStep 4. Concealer. I use the Missha Perfect Concealer, applying and dabbing it lightly with my ring finger.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 2.58 PM #4Step 5. Setting the shiz out. I set the concealer with Essence Fix & Matte Loose Powder which I like so very much now.  It’s translucent! And it’s mattifying! And it’s affordable! Yay! Oh I didn’t have a powder puff with me so I applied it with a baby kabuki brush from EcoTools.  I basically just tried to bounce the brush on the areas, just as I would if I had a puff with me. I also put a tad bit more on my t-zone, because it is soooo damnnn hot here now.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.02 PM #3Step 6. Bronzer! Yay I like being tan. I used the Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess and dusted it on my forehead, the top of my nose, my cheeks, my chin, with this powder brush from Eco Tools.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.08 PM #6Step 7. Contouring. I found that I love contouring with the ELF stippling brush, specifically.  This particular brush seems to be softer than a stippling brush should be, and I think that’s why I didn’t like it for my foundation. With contouring though, it is awesome.  It gives a more natural-looking contour, I think. I used the Dallas Powder from Benefit.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.10 PM #6Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.12 PM #3Step 8. Cheeks. I know this sounds over the top but I used two different blushes yesterday. I first dabbed on some of Stila’s Convertible Color in Lilium on the apples of my cheeks going upwards until before my temples.  I also made sure that it blended a bit with my contour shadow just so it seems like a seamless gradient transition from one color to the next.  And then, I patted in some Coralista powder blush from Benefit with my nasty looking angled brush. I don’t know why I felt the need to do so but I just did. All is well.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.17 PMPhoto on 4-4-13 at 3.21 PM #2Step 9. The eyebrows.  I first filled in my brows with the Maybelline Master Brow pen then I smoothed that out with a spoolie. Then, I topped that off with the Etude House Color My Brows mascara.  I also smoothed that out with a spoolie.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.23 PM #2Step 10. Highlighting.  I used the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion Luminizer in Baby Pink Clam.  I dotted it onto the bridge of my nose, the tops of my cheeks, my brow bone area, my temples, my cupid’s bow. I just used my fingers to blend it in.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.25 PM #2Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.33 PM #4Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.33 PM #5Step 11. Eyes. I put eye primer first, and I use the Etude Proof 10 eye primer.  After that, I smoothed on Flormar Eyeshadow all over my lids.  And then, I applied this All About Alex Shady Lady eyeshadow from The Balm with this lovely pointed Marionnaud brush (my favorite brush actually!) on the outer V of my lids. I smoothed that in with a smudging brush from Eco Tools.  In the middle of my lid, I patted on some of that Champagne Pink shadow from my WnW Walking on Eggshells Trio.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.36 PM #4Step 12. Lashes.  I used Maybelline Falsies Mascara, the waterproof kind.

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.39 PM #3Step 13. Lips. I put on some Revlon Siren lipstick, which is actually orange but registers pinkier via Photobooth, sorry about that.  I dabbed it on my lips  with my ring finger a couple of times; it lasts longer that way.

And then I’m done! All I need now is the love of my life and I’m good to go!

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.41 PM #2

Ladies and gents, meet the love of my life, the lovely and always sleepy Puiji!

Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.39 PM #8

Puiji not pleased.Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.40 PM

Puiji dozing off.Photo on 4-4-13 at 3.39 PM #7

Puiji about to speak.



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