Review: H&M liquid eyeliner in Green

I got this at H&M in Hong Kong last January but I forget how much it is exactly (in HK$) but the website says it is £2.99. And yes, the label says it is green but I disagree, it is more blue green/turquoise (?) than it is green.

It is  a “liquid eyeliner with a metallic lustre complete with a brush in the lid.” You get 3 ml. for this. The package didn’t say so, so I was a bit surprised to find out that the longer part (that which I thought held the liquid) was the brush part and the smaller half contained the liquid.  Knowing that, the packaging does seem a little excessive (my sentiments same to that of the Etude House proof 10 eyeliner–why do you have to make the handle so long?)

le-2le-3The brush scared me a little, too. I’m not the best when it comes to lining my top lid and I was worried I couldn’t do a decent line with this kind of applicator–it reminds me of some nail polish brushes, actually. Despite initial worries, I was able to pull of a decent line on my upper lids.  My worry was misplaced though. It wasn’t the application of a straight line I should’ve been worried about but whether it would be messy.  The black bar (messy as it is, see photo above) should’ve been a good indicator of it.  The brush clung to my eyelashes like crazy, and I am thankful for my black eyelashes now. If they were any lighter, it would’ve been freaky-looking. I was able to remove all the excess liquid out of my lashes in time though, because when this sets dry, it really stays dry. The. Entire. Day. Rain. Or. Shine.

I wore this on my top lids the day of the Art in the Park, a weird-weather Saturday, mind you. A quick rundown on the scenario: we were setting up the booth 11:30 am and by 1pm it was really humid but an hour later it was raining like crazy, we had to tuck away all our merchandise because the rain was going in our booths.  Another hour later it got really hot and then it was really packed with people and I sweated my ass of doing math (huhu)/calculating stuff/trying to be a cashier for my merch. Then we packed up at around 11:30, I believe and I got home past midnight.

This eyeliner did not budge! I love it for that, despite my packaging/applicator issues. I figure I should probably find a new and unused thin brush from my art supplies to apply this with…unless you know of nice (preferably affordable) liquid eyeliner brushes out there?

Now with the color/pigmentation. I love. I absolutely love this shade (plus it’s pigmented as hell) and I sort of feel bad I didn’t get the Copper one, too. Anyone going to HK/Singapore soon?

le-4le-5It does indeed have a metallic lustre to it, but nothing hardcore. I would say that the copper version would probably be more lustrous than this shade.

This is my rather conservative application of it, because this was my first time testing it out and didn’t know if it would budge.  Now that I know how much it stays put though, I should be putting on thicker lines soon!  (My art fair/haggard face down below, apologies.)

le-6le-7Oh, by the way when I got home I took a long hot shower and this one really did not budge nor smear. At all. I was able to remove it via thoroughness and patience, virtue I’d like to practise more.  An oil-based eye makeup remover + the two virtues mentioned should do the trick.


2 thoughts on “Review: H&M liquid eyeliner in Green

  1. I regret not getting the black-gold H&M liquid eyeliner when I had the chance. I was too busy looking for the nudes eyeshadow palette, which turned out to be out-of-stock. 😦

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