New discoveries, first impressions.

20130315_164403I went to the mall today for a much needed pedicure but it was a failure–the salon was full. And so I decided to look around the (SM) department store and found two makeup counters I never perused before. I’m pretty sure they’re not new brands, but they are new to me.  Flormar has been around a couple of months in the Philippine market I believe, while Essence just arrived this March.

I got a light taupe-gold eyeshadow (014) from Flormar and I tested it on literally just now. I like the pigmentation (sans primer) so far. The little eyeshadow compact comes with a wee mirror in it and I’m checking right now.  First impression: I like it. I actually love the color a lot; it’s exactly the kind of shade you can sweep all over your lids. It’s subtle but glow-y, if you know what I mean.  It could be a good higlighter, too. The formula of this particular shade is velvety and I notice no fall out yet.  I say ‘this particular shade’ because I did notice some fallout from the other shades I swatched at the Flormar counter. If, after today and tomorrow and maybe the day after I still like it, I’m probably bound to be back the Flormar counters for other shades.  They have a huuuuuuuge variety of shades and it took me forever to decide on which one to take. (I only got one today, by the way, because I wanted to read some reviews on their shadows online first haha). These single eyeshadows, by the way, are only Php199 each.

Here are a couple of other stuff I want to go back for:

This huuuuuge bronzer pan, which I think will last forever.

Their matte mono eyeshadows.

..and I suppose I’m bound to try one of their lipsticks, if I find a shade that piques my interest.

I stumbled onto Essence right after Flormar and their branding appears to target adolescents: very cartoony and tacky (Essence is the official partner of the Justin Bieber Tour 2013…you get the picture). If you get the posters out of sight though, it should be all good.  Their packaging then seems tame enough.  I got myself a brown nail polish but I think I’ll be back for more because there were like six shades I wanted to get too, but you know me, I wanted to try it out first slash read reviews online too.  And so I put it on just now, and I’m not even a nail polish person, but I love the brush that comes with it! It’s a thick flat round edged brush that makes application easy. For me at least. Nail polishes are Php99.

There are so many stuff I want to go back for at the Essence counter! They had a lot of interesting concealers, mousse foundations, cream eyeshadows and all that. The lipstick packaging was weak though, very plastic-ky and cheap looking, but it is afterall, a very affordable brand.

Their website claims that they don’t test on animals, which is definitely a good thing, but I’ve read some reviews about the paraben content of their products.

But! Here are some stuff that really caught my eye and are definitely going back for (if the reviews are good).

These eyeshadows (except for the black one, which seemed to be poorly pigmented and had fall out when I swatched them) seem to be aweeeesooome. Especially excited about the mint, gold and grey one. Definitely, definitely.

This quad seems pretty awesome, too. I love the color combination.

Their coverstick seemed creamy enough, but but but, I will have to read other people’s reviews of this.

Ahh, so many shades to choose from.

Have you tried these brands? Any recommendations? 🙂


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